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News radio to 13 traffic and weather together the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Mike King, Where are we? Well, I've got a new problem to the south here. Suzanne just happened route 24 north is backing up very quickly. So West Bridgewater getting word of a crash. This could be a serious one here. 24 north little over a mile before route 106. Apparently, the high speed lane has blocked the number of vehicles were involved. So you may want to avoid this here. Emergency cruisers rub responding there now. So that's 24 North and West Bridgewater. Avoid the area. If you can right now, and things elsewhere are nice and quiet for a Sunday afternoon. The expressway is great. Both ways to and from the O'Neill tunnels that brought him into 1 20 eight's good between say Newton and Canton and 95 South is clear. Coming from 1 28. Really right down to the Rhode Island line. Now up to the north. Things are quiet with 1 28 93 Ruwan. I'm not seeing any delays there. The Mass Turnpike is doing well, and it's pretty quiet downtown, coming in on the lower deck of 93 Storrow Drive in the Tobin Bridge, they are all good right now. This report sponsored by Merrill With Meryl guided investing, you have the option to work. With an advisor to low cost and minimum get started at Merrill edge dot com slash investing goals. Marilyn Pierce veteran Smith incorporated both the registered broker, dealer and investment adviser member s I P. C miking WBZ is traffic on the threes. This Valentine's Day. Wilson Farm has one dozen pretty and long stemmed red roses for 29 99 long stem colored roses for 24 99 fun Valentine's.

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