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Well, another fall like day early this morning, but we know it's still officially summer. We will see quite a warming trend coming up over the next few days, but are pleasant, dry pattern will hold through the weekend. Gradual warming trend through the weekend gets us back to some summer like weather by the time the weekend is over the next chance of rain, probably not coming along till about the middle of next week. Tuesday night or Wednesday. Taking a look outside downtown Lucas Oil Stadium, where the culturally playing on Sunday against the Seahawks looks like good weather, then and starting out with cool temperatures early this morning, 60 degrees out at the airport, but most of the outlying areas around central Indiana are in the fifties. And it's all quiet on storm tracker radar, in fact, all quiet around a big section of the country. A few showers way up here to the Northeast, moving out in New England and then a few scattered showers out far to the west. But the whole midsection of the country, including the Gulf, Mexico, all quiet right now, anyway from any tropical disturbances. 60 degrees at the airport by 54 up itself, Bend and 58 down at Louisville kind of tells you that this green area probably sees temperatures in the fifties. Maybe when some upper forties early this morning but with plenty of sunshine through the day and all kind of balances out to about 80 degrees, which is pretty close to the average for this time of year, a little bit warmer weather out to the West and that is headed in this direction. So it stays not quite as cool tonight 62 for the overnight low at the airport, But again, some areas getting into the fifties satellite radar through the night. Not much going on there, except some ground clutter and some showers up there northeast of Detroit. Otherwise, high pressure controls our weather through the weekend as it moves off to the East. You'll see the winds come around a little bit more to the Southwest, and that adds a little bit more humidity to the atmosphere and keeps that warming trend going. Looks like that low pressure in that front to the northwest of us not really going to be here for several days so that warming trend will continue. So for today, Up with sunshine up to about 78 80 degrees this afternoon after we're starting in the fifties early this morning, another very pleasant evening. If you're headed out for Friday night football or dining out or a concert or anything outside very comfortable goes from the seventies open. They need a jacket by the You're staying out late tonight as it drops back into the sixties once again. The Petermann forecast shaping up over the next eight days. Here's how that looks with temperatures, gradual warming trend back to some summer like readings as we head towards the weekend. So about 80 today and temperatures in the seventies for the zone for Friday night football in the 11 play tomorrow, a little bit warmer 85 tomorrow afternoon. 88 Sunday afternoon for the Colts game. Looks like it should be dry weather for us on Sunday and that warming trend keeps going ends in a chance for some showers on Tuesday night and Wednesday, But that's another Cold front that drops the temperatures back to some fall like readings at the end of the week ahead. But for this weekend looks like a warming trend. Coming our way, Stephanie. All right, Thank you. Dated by 51 for commuters Right now we're still dealing with a crash on the city's south and west side along. I 70 close to the I 4 65 interchange. That's where this is plotting a bit closer runner in camera. You can see we have emergency crews on scene. The right lane is blocked..

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