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Well, there have been many enemy Pokemon fills generic pictures Pacific rim. Dill is the first company to realize book on us. I love action cast and it comes out may nights twenty nineteen anyway holy ship time is about birthday weekend. So hale. Yeah, let's get to watch China. I did not think I was going to like this movie at all. And then I saw the trailer was like oh my God. I think I have to start playing poker on now. So I understand about the polka bond in this movie. No, you don't have to play. And that's the thing is you don't have to play Pokemon to understand this movie. Because if we if we were talking about the very first polka polka on moody or some the recent ones that have come out. I would say share you're going to be like what the hell is cheap bullshit. I'm say it's glorious cheesy bullshit, but it's probably not for you this. I think is going to appeal to people like you Andrea who are like Pokemon. Oh my God. This movie makes me wanna play the game. And I think this is going to be the perfect gateway movie. I think this movie is going to end with ash Ketchum. Call and every now no because in this world, they don't battle. There's battles in the trailer. Oh, it was just just that instant sky battle. It's the arena. Yeah. This guy doesn't battle. If if you're if you watch the trailer their posters on his about being there is an arena, you're gonna Rena and posters on the wall. Like steel verses on exude whatever it was. I can't remember. So I think this game this movie as the credits. Roll you're going to see someone there'd be like ash Ketchum and he's going to turn around. And we're like, oh my God. And then she's going to be so good. But I am very credit scene or something so excited you can't tell. Yeah. So this game is based off. The detective pitchy was just the game that came out in twenty sixteen in Japan came out March of this year in the US, and it takes place in rhyme city, which is known for its Pokemon carnival has every year, and it is lower that rhyme city is within the same world as all the games that we have played. We don't know the exact location of it. So it'll be interesting to see how they this in. Oh my God. I am. So God damn excited. I love how a lot of people social media were equating Pika chew with friendlier version of Ted the. Animated teddy bear that was voiced by Seth McFarland. If you ever saw that movie. I I love Ted. And I was like I'd never thought about it that way, but it does kind of feel that way. Because of Ryan Reynolds just has that quickness in his delivery in his comedic timing that feels so good. And then I saw somebody tweeted to me Pika pool in it was this three D model of Pika chew in a dead pool suit on my God Reynolds, of course, also plays deadpool Greenland heard this man, just does whatever he wants. Well, no, if you watched deadpool two they wrap that whole thing of how. Yeah. Erase that from existence. Oh, well, it's really funny actually also next time. You're in town. Let's watch deadpool two. It's super good. Good. Good. Good though. I'm just so excited. That's all in the trailer..

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