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Sitting in the crowd spaced apart, but watching other teams play. It's like a Yeah, exactly. That's exactly what you'd do it in a turn. We gotta watch. Let's go check it out. Got nothing to do. All right, Let's go watch the games they haul makes the free throw. She owes it coming back at the game now for Brooklyn, replacing Tyler Johnson. 107 80. Orlando didn't have to go third quarter. Down the hall. Second free throw is in and out. No good. Rebounded by Jonathan Isaac. Magic with Kim Birch top Hands back. Terrence Ross. Top of the key jumper is good for Terrence Ross can put up numbers. Khun Terrence Ross boy, can he elevate where he can just stop on a diamond is arises. Khoza gives it up. Gets it back. Takes it left down the lane. Picking over the fruits. Fruits. Would Isaac reaching roots, right wing cuts back left down the lane got it stripped that a phallus called against Jonathan Isaac. Beyonce fruits to the free throw line because the Nets are in the bonus routes. Where in the name piece On the back of his jersey. The Latvian second round pick makes the free throw. So much for coming back in Brooklyn. So much promise after his rookie year, and then he had some ofthe court trouble to start this this this season were still in right now, and he really struggled this year. Again. Watch him in the scrimmage is some real positive signs away, shot the ball and playing that explain it right now. The five.

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