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15 right after the show Hair comes Hannah Scott work over the weekend. Where the riots I mean, I'm sorry, peaceful protests. I did not work over the weekend. Actually, I and but I did monitor and I didn't see too much in the way rights at least not in our neck of the woods. There was certainly some activity elsewhere in the country. Yeah. Yes, of course. Apparently they're out today and there are they carpooling? Is this a new thing of the H O V lane writing? This is a caravan across the city. The idea is to stop at every city council district. Ahead of the City Council's return tomorrow because they've been on break for a couple of weeks. So when, well, when last we left the Seattle City Council we had weeks and weeks and weeks of debate over the re balancing of the 2020 budget. And the big push there from groups like King County Equity Now decriminalized Seattle was to defund the police by 50%. And now those groups celebrated what the council passed, even though it wasn't all the way up to that 50% that they had wanted anticipating that they get Maurine. This 2021 re budgeting a new budget that that's going to start being debated in September, But then remember that the mayor vetoed that. So Today. They're taking this caravan across the city to tell every city Council member they need to override that veto. When things get started tomorrow. Nikita Oliver speaking out at the first Stop. This was District one list with Lisa, her Bolds district with this message for the City Council, telling the Seattle City Council today on our Labor Day caravan when we celebrate worker let movements that you must Override the mayor's Vito, and then we'll just sit out there and we have 2021. But he up your tenacity, keep up your boldness and their willingness to stand with the deep on movement..

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