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I'm ira madison. The third and podcast now beach lewis gone louis loses gone. I'm doing the interest. I'm wrong outgrown yet. Devastating news louis state on fire island. We can't find him he can't find him. He's refused to come back. Fell asleep in an orgy. Poppers somewhere. I wish i knew more about fire island for this junk to keep going. It's all good. I don't know anything about fire island either. Do you know what the meat rack is a do to meet records. Can you tell our listeners. With the meet records you know. I had to a lot of googling. It's like the place in the woods where they be fucking. That's all i get down you. Could you say you say it. Man say running the pilot. Say we need lewis back. It's fine you know what he needs to take a break every now and then do you know yeah. This is every episode cool. He's a cool. Has monitor's off. He's never used a break. He does not need a second the second to to unload and recharge and his birthday is coming up in. This episode comes out. Make sure you guys go wish louis. Rotella happy birthday his his august. Yes celebrate lewis birthday. Go to mcdonald's and get yourself a sweet tea meal yes oh goodness okay so address. We knew new meal out. Have you rushed. Have you rushed to the mcdonalds. The mcdade's to go get it tall. I think next week at thoughts. What demon in me thinks. I need to go to mcdonalds to try this. Like i haven't had every single. I wanna try it. But part of me makes it feel like the whole thing about her being online like always being like eaton weird stuff right was just a gag. You think like a dick to like lead to something like this girl. You have audits money. Why do you eat like a convict took she. I watched a live of her ones where she used. Crushed flaming cheetos to rim a tequila drink. She made i was like you know something's wrong with that girl the us all there. It's not it's either. Something's not there or she's gaming us trying to look it's always a game trying to look quirky. Oh my goodness well. So this episode. We're going to be joined by the lovely jennifer coolidge. That's an exciting interview. Lewis and i got to do so not in it. I'm not in it. Which is sad because it has so many thoughts about the white lotus first of all. Give her her emmy mmediately. Not just for the speech that she had on the boat while scattering hormones ashes but also twitchy lay down in bed and through the ashes go. I also want to commend. Mike white for like really analyzing like whiteness. Liberal privilege In this series such an interesting way. Because it's like natasha rothwell honorable we should i. Should i should be playing like a mammy character right but she knows that this is what this woman was. But she's leaning into because she wants to escape This life that she's at it's such a great nuanced portrayal from both of them and it's amazing and other thing. Murray bartlett is giving me a gay character. I've never seen on tv before. He's giving me anti hero. He's giving me breaking bad. He's giving me rooming lucas gauge in his office. I want more white lotus seasons with like him still running the white lotus and like continuing to fall apart with new guests. I got you. You want like i ryan murphy situation. Same actors like the show hotel fantasy island. You know like he's he's still work at new guests. Come in it. It's supposed to give anchoring around him. Well we do talk about the show with her and just amazing process and she speaks very highly about mike white. So you're correct. You're correct on your guesses. We're also going to be talking about nepotism in hollywood. Because of a lovely comments twitter's tweets that we saw online including ben stiller. And we don't get into it you know i'm about to bring up our good sys- lena dunham not the good sys- says we also listen to the long awaited billy ilitch album happier than ever and big shock. She's not happy. We'll be going to any eyeless eliah. My god this girl went full marilyn monroe marilyn manson like. I don't know what's going. I feel so sorry for the girl but yeah she did put her whole foot into this album. She infamous the eyelashes. I guess finishes in an irish. But he's he's just Protecting the pot of gold into the rainbow. That's what he's doing his gold-digging ads right. We have some more keeping for you. And estimating is the season finale of crooked fantastic scripted. Podcast series edith written by friends of keep it chavez hawick and gonzalo cordova as vulture puts. It edith is a fiction podcast that stands as a really good time in two minute. And that's no small feat. Find edith starring rosamund. Pike as edith. Wilson is available now on apple podcasts. Spotify or wherever you get your podcast in the words of meghan mccain my father.

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