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Recommendation is the drill master of valley forge. The baron bunch toibin and the making of the american army by paul la carte. This biography gives some background on his early years but focuses on the generals years in the continental army at about three hundred pages not counting notes and index. It gets into pretty good detail about the man and his contribution to the american cause the author. Paul lockhart published the book in two thousand eight. Professor la carte teaches history at wright state university in ohio and has written a number of other books on warfare in sixteenth and seventeenth century europe as well as a book on bunker hill. So if you want to read more about punch toibin you may wanna get the drill master of valley forge for my online recommendation. I'm going to recommend von storylines army manual. It's called regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the united states. A store continued to make changes to this manual. Both during and after the war the version i found is from seventeen ninety four. It's not exactly riveting reading but if you're a reenactor or just want to understand. Better drill worked in the revolutionary war. This manual is a good primary resource. You can search for the online document on archive dot org just search for the title regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the united states. But of course the easier ways probably just used direct link on my website. Remember if you're listening to this and looking at up the week of the release of this episode you can find it right at the top of the website. If you're looking later. I have a link to a list of former online recommendations. And you just look up the recommendation for this week. And there's a direct link there also for the blog episode. i include a link there as well. So you can just go to the blog episode and click on the link to go to the online resource. My blog of course is at blog dot m. rev podcasts dot com. If you would prefer to have a paper copy of the manual rather than just read it online. I've also included an amazon linked to buy a hard copy of the manual. And you can find that also at the bottom of the blog episode. Remember that if you click on any of my amazon links you help benefit this podcast. As i get a small commission from amazon at no additional cost.

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