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It is a 30. Good morning on Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you by the boat. 80 ex restaurant. The Central Texas landscape does not look anything like what you'd normally expect on a Monday across the Austin area as you're waking up. Today's Snow is covering the city, along with a sheet of ice in many spots on the roadways right underneath that snow. Six inches. Arm or the snow have been reported overnight. So is that snow and ice cover much of the state over the next few days. Governor Greg Abbott is asking that you do your best conserve electricity and natural gas. The National Guard is also working to help in this effort. They're working primarily to assist the Department of public Safety as well as other state agencies to help things like stranded travelers. They will also be conducting welfare checks. In remote areas across the state and the governor's his power crews have been on standby and help is coming in from other states just in case it's needed. Abbott also says the federal Emergency Declaration for Severe Winter weather has been approved by the White House meeting. Resources are on the way for mass care and sheltering and direct federal assistance. Rolling blackouts continue across the state as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas or ERCOT tries to bring down some of the strain the power grid is dealing with right now. ERCOT says these temporary outages shouldn't last more than 30 minutes. Although Austin Energy is now saying that if you are dealing with one of these rolling blackouts from ERCOT, it actually could be hours before your service comes back on. Meteorologist are expecting that today will be the worst for this storm here in Central Texas. Thank you. Weather meteorologist Dave Samuel says the winter storm will bring the area temperatures to record lows. Any forecast more cold spells are coming later this week to extend the freeze that will bring likely another witchery next of some ice as we head through Wednesday and Wednesday night. And that should be it after that storm moves through should be milder temperatures and will be above freezing later in the week, he says. Hopefully all sing can expect highs in the fifties. Around the weekend. John Cooley News radio K O. B. J the State is stepping in to help provide some shelter for the homeless. Nim Kidd is the chief of the Texas Division of Emergency Management, Working with our local cities and counties are over 30 warming centers that are open at the local level right now. You can call to 11 or 311 in your area for the address to those warming centers, working with our local partners to make sure that the homeless were taken care of and moved inside. He also warns about using any gas powered heaters inside because of the potential of carbon monoxide poisoning. And speaking of hell for people.

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