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This does not diminish the importance of face coverings I stand with the public health experts and believe wearing closed class face coverings helps to slow the spread of covert nineteen in our community and save lives by being consistent with the state this will give our business community and individuals the ability to make the most appropriate decision for them and their situation the chair in the Orange County Board of supervisors that she had sent a letter to the governor asking Orange County be allowed to enter into stage three which would allow for more business sector re opened this includes the nail salon gas excellent we want more business is open and stage three let's go our live on K. five more now would you agree a man wanted for the shooting of a San Luis Obispo county sheriff's deputy and another man a Paso Robles has been killed in a shootout with police cops and the FBI had been looking for Mason Lear us and yesterday he was spotted at a gas station near highway one oh one at highway forty six several police officers were also wounded in the shootout this report brought to you by my time at the smell the plumber southern California is facing a critical shortage of donated blood lifestream blood bank president and CEO Dr Rick Axelrod says many health and safety protocols are in place so people can feel good about giving blood during the pandemic what the owners are required to wear a mask and our employees are required to wear masks everything is social distance in the blood center or out on a mobile blood drives Dr Axelrod is also also says temperature checks will be done and equipment and furniture will be sanitized between donations as an incentive in a run up to world blood donor day which is Sunday donors to go to a live stream center or mobile drive will get a call a free covert nineteen antibody test police in Torrance say they're investigating a racist rant directed toward an Asian American woman exercising in a park.

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