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The american liberal media complex with these razorsharp attacks you sean it is john gibson others you probably find it hard to believe but there's actually som other stuff going on in the world other than donald trump and the democrats and james comey and so forth in this story we covered it at the time it happened which i think was about a year ago wasn't a christening yes boss that answer show i don't think you double check but i think it right about that involved a playboy playmate named danny matters and she was in the gym and she share tissues lee took a picture of in the showers are right outside the showers of a seventy year old seventy one year old woman who had just come out of the shower was naked it was last summer sure almost it's almost you so you're right close yeah you're outreach mike john horseshoes hand grenades closer so she took a picture of the seventy year old woman who's kind of not great shape and she posted this picture on was it snapchat it was snapchat she snapped at and that's the kids duties days she said if i can't unseeded this then you can't either she was obviously mocking this woman.

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