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The key of lebrun james rightside side over the rodney hood roadworker to gets wilson chandler back over the liberal on inside the arc one on one would will barton he asked the basketball his left hip throws crosscourt over the hill hill take a three one is good he got dole in a bucket here once again the second unit starts coming in and denver starts tapering off a little bit we'll barton has it he gets a high pick from the kola yokich does it on top wilson chandler chandler hats yoka chattha seal in the paint but he didn't feet amused guarded by liberal devon harris as it top of the key over the wilson chandler now yokich mixing it up with rodney hood spin moves chandler bank shot as up pretty tough shot he got up to go nuggets of cracked the century mark in the third quarter one owanda eighty nine lebron james has it at the elbow guarded thereby chamnber back out on top the rodney hood put puts it on the floor spins the paint leans in up under layup good tough booby got to go doug its leaders it ten we'll barton has it across the time line he gets a high pick lacolle yokich has yokich opened doesn't beat him instead wilson chandler in the corner now yokich gets at the mall block he's one on one with larry nance junior he starts back at him down spins the paint little baby hook shot as up no good rebound tipped grab by manse piece in the frontcourt its four on three october on james in the corner hill cuts against the grain and denver's defense in transition recovers loves it on the all bottle abhran james carter by devon harris and he throws out of it to hill for three that once good timber the second unit giving up denver's lead again 101 the.

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