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I think that has spread through this country because if you think the person that comes up with the vaccine will become as famous as Jonas Salk. Well I think the person that comes up with a vaccine will be donald trump. Yeah I'll tell you what he will certainly take credit for it Anyway so you watch tiger king yes I did when did you? When did you finish it? I finished that Sunday night okay. We watched it sat. We started watching this Saturday. We finish Sunday night. I finished it last night. I watched the first five episodes over the weekend. I watched episodes six and seven last night. Aaron and I talked about the first five You know he didn't spoil it for me. I'm but we'll talk about it. Start to finish. I'll let you have at at first. But let me just give you my headline from the final two episodes. I found the final two episodes to be Really uneventful for the most part in disappointing. I thought it would. They were very slow. Compared to the first five episodes. I could not wait to watch Tommy after watching the first five. I couldn't wait to get to the last two last night which I finally got to and I was largely sort of disappointed. I thought they were very slow. But with that said overall tiger king for me gets at least you know at least in a minus no worse than that. It was crazy but go ahead..

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