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This has been kind of like the start of what we've been calling the rough road trip a roach that involves five away games for this team and in this first one the raiders lost again to the Vikings the final score thirty eighty four to fourteen so let's start with the Vikings did accomplish your miles thirty four points their quarterback never under pressure the tackles for loss no interceptions no touchdowns three rushing one passing what happened here today at the US Bank stadium will the vikings offense was just extremely efficient addition in the raiders defense couldn't stop the run. I mean when you look at it. the the raiders gave up two hundred eleven yards on the ground and the Vikings average five point point six yards per carry in the as you just said they had three rushing touchdown so if you can't stop the run in this building against that offense dalvand cook has been terrific throughout the course the first three games of the season one hundred ten yards rushing today in a rushing touchdown. It's going to be tough and then the raiders could move the ball on offense and so you know that I guess that's just what it boils down to. You can't stop the run. You can't really get anything going on offense off offensively look. That's the result you're going to get well. We did see a couple bright spots on the offense we saw JJ JJ Nelson get in the end zone and we saw tyrone Williams get in the end zone and during waller caught thirteen fourteen has thrown his way for over one hundred yards so Adam speak here to what the raiders did right well. I'm not gonNA count the Tyrone Williams or the Jj Nelson as bright spots really I mean if you look at the first half to one play. God was that Jj Nelson touchdown which was on a flea flicker. I mean yes trick. Plays are part of the game and certainly you know you love when they hit but I don't think eagerly look at that as hey they lined up did something right there. They just Kinda got the vikings being a little bit too aggressive because I think they got a little too casual out there and just we're over pursuing a a little bit to the ball so I'm not going to count that one in the Williams touchdown certainly was very late in the game on a you know prevent defense for the Vikings so I'm not gonNA count either of those really as bright spots for the raiders. I will say the Darren Waller emergence is absolutely a bright spot for the raiders. this is a guy who was a very effective weapon but now you can throw some cold water on a little bit by saying okay the Vikings. We're kind of giving them. The underneath zone Waller's taken advantage of it but they do have to still connect connect on those and Darren Waller was targeted fourteen times. He had thirteen receptions in the game so they were very efficient using him. He's shown himself to be an absolute weapon for this team. Just like Jared Cook was last year. He's GonNa step in to that same role three straight games. He's led the team receptions I haven't checked yet as we record this. We are late late in the day for the late games but they're in waller was the leading receiver in the League for for receptions at least up until Oh so big but he had a couple of struggles early seasons. I think he's right up there at the top of the list for a number of receptions now again they're not going for a ton of yards or not not getting him involved downfield a whole lot but he's been a very very good weapon for this team. So that's a bright spot the fact that they couldn't really run the ball today and you know part of that was offense of lying. Trent Brown is banged up. A little bit. Incognito was just getting back into the flow. After missing you know a year and a half and actually more than that of of time on the field so their offense of lines a work in progress. I thought Colin Miller kind of took a step back. Today didn't really hold up the same way he did in the first couple of weeks. I thought he looked really really good the first two weeks that was a little bit disappointing for them in this is just a very very tough environment to come in here. It's so loud it was hard. I think miles is covering his ears from the touchdown celebration sometimes sometimes in over in the press box. It is allowed in here so it's tough to operate in you know you can look at it and say well. That's excuses. You're just you know you're coming up with reasons ends of why these are happening and and that's true the fact is the raiders just aren't very good team right now and they're not going to be able to come to a place like this and come in on the first drive. Commit defensive the penalties. Give the give the Viking charge. They're not gonNA be able to overcome those things today you you saw that very clearly. I think some of the struggles lie and their inability to run the ball also I mean obviously these teams are getting jumps on them early so it kind of takes that aspect out of the game for them as a steady option but when you have somebody like Josh Jacobs whose banged up he had ten carries for forty four yards how much I guess it's this team lacking consistency right now on the run game with his injury and not being able to stay in their constantly well Jon Gruden said after the game that part of it was just that the raiders got down early and I believe that and it's true right I mean they were down by toiling one in the second quarter and so when that happens you have to change what you're doing offensively a little bit in order to try to actually score points and get yourself back in the game now the raiders. There's actually kind of did that by going down the field. They got that touchdown off the flea flicker in an atom. I sort of agree with you like that. When you're getting a flea flicker for a touchdown that it's Nice Ace and yes the points count but you know you're not doing things from just an offensive standpoint where you're structure is working for you. Then I think that says a lot about out your team and the way that you have to be able to compete so again I think when you look at the rushing yards yes. It's going to be a little lopsided win. The scoreboard gets lop-sided early on and that's kind of what happened today. So if you don't get down like that so the Indianapolis Colts maybe we'll see a little bit different a little bit different different result there with the run game and how on the defensive side of the ball the team was with a out volunteers perfect for a lot of the game he played probably a lot less snaps than he normally would and then we saw Marquel Ligo out injury. Johnathan Hankins was temporarily out of the game after an injury. So how much right now is this team hurting in defensive. They're hurting. I think literally and figuratively there's a lot of problems on the defensive side surly. We saw them all of last year they were terrible defense. There's there's a lot of optimism coming into this year and his perfect has proven kind of that optimism to be a little bit accurate. I think he's been very good but there needs to be some help. The Defensive Line Week Week one looked like they were showing signs improvement but I don't even know if they were out there today at times you. They never showed up. It was never something that said Oh look. That guy made a nice player Aligarh. That was pretty good. There really was not any kind of a pass rusher wasn't certainly any holding their spots at the line of scrimmage because the vikings takings were running all over the place. Davin Cook was getting free whenever he wanted even Alexander Madison had plenty of running lanes There's just not a whole lot from the defensive line. The linebacker banged up. Just advances advantis perfect left. Marquel lead left perfect. Did Return will get an update on him tomorrow that certainly needs to be something that works out positively for the raiders if they WANNA have have any semblance of their of their defense going forward. The secondary last week was torched. I think there's a lot of miscommunication today. You saw a lot more trying to work communicated. You saw more pointing a lot more. Hey who's got him. WHO's got him. They were trying to work on those things so it wasn't as a grievous but they weren't really making plays certainly rush early in the game. we saw. Riley completely burned about Adam feeling on that bootleg by her cousins there was just a lot struggles out there defensively and it was in different areas today because like we said it was a secondary last week in the second quarter today. I thought that offensive line. Kinda got run over a little bit so they can't really really put their whole defense together. At any point in all the units seemed to be struggling in different areas so it's it's a work in progress certainly in you know we we keep hearing that and keep talking talking about that but it's a work in progress. That has a long way to go. We also keep hearing expression that we have to get better in all three phases so today special teams without Dwayne Harris and also you see Daniel Carlson somewhat homecoming clink a forty eight yard field goal off the upright so he was booed here in Minnesota. You seem really happy about the fact that he wasn't able to get that that kick through their upright. That kinda felt bad man. Carlson Carlson is a young dude. He did a lot of a good things at Auburn left as the all time. SEC leader in points and whatnot and then you know you get to Minnesota. It doesn't work out and then it does with the raiders and and so you can't necessarily feel just as a human being when somebody when the entire crowd around seventy thousand people in this building and they're all booing you because you didn't execute when you were with that team and then you go out and you want. It's already I think at that point was what thirty it was thirty one to seven or thirty four to seven the Darn thing off the right upright like that man yeah you kind of fuel for the person as a human being this episode of Vegas. This nation will be right back..

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