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Happy new year thanks for coming on a are you happy new year thanks for having me yeah it seems this time of year there are plenty of people that have looked really silly questioning the New England Patriots over the years but the pads did not finish the season particularly strong foreign for over the back after this season is this a team that can be got this time around yeah absolutely I mean you know obviously the dolphins boss for the dolphins was disturbing on many levels I mean with so much to play for this is a veteran team that really need that by budget guys the only stuff for the rich Brady an adult man and Patrick Chung on the defense they really could have used that by and also you know a home game in in the in the divisional round and that they couldn't get it done I mean look the offense for the great Brady certainly has issues in that game but the offense than enough I mean you know will we accept all season long that you know if this offense can score in the twenties mid twenties they should be able to win even to get some of the better teams because the defense has been that good well it wasn't on Sunday and you know they allowed right fits proctor Dr the field repeatedly specially for the game winning touchdown if it was a very easy drive for them there were a lot of disturbing things in that drive lack of pressure stuff on Gilmore getting into this lunch by divine a Parker soul you know big between the defense wanting a little bit the offense they they've been challenged all year with a lack of weapons for Tom Brady and and really no speed on the opposite side of the ball they could they could definitely be had you know but I do think I do think there's a passport for them yeah can we get into the match of specifically with the Titans in a little bit but what about the defense because it was so dominant the first half of the season and then you have a performance like you mentioned against Miami as they're better general slippage because I think previously we had seen so the the better offences they face I have been able to put up some points yeah I mean you know for the most part they've been pretty good I mean you know it they could certainly there by product of the play the easiest schedule in the league you know if you go by you know advanced analytics and things like that so that certainly helped the meaning they are still really good and I think what happened against the dolphins I think you know it if your pictures off the miss you think that's a wake up call that maybe they went through the motions a little bit for the dolphins were ready for that game and you know quite frankly they were embarrassed on Sunday night and you know I expect them especially stuff on Gilmore normally when the lights are on these part time games he's at his best I I expect that unit the tend to put forth their best effort in make things really tough on the Titans but you know there there have been some disturbing things I mean one thing that teams the the better teams like you know the chiefs the Texans and then also the dolphins in this last game one thing the patriots have been able to rely on that they've been doing a lot of zero blessing sending everybody in some key spots and they've really gotten bond of late on those teams know that around mid field in like second or third and long for some reason the patriots like this on the house and teams are all prepared for that and they have a counter and they've been killing them with big plays in touchdowns out of that and if you know the patrons can adjust their and sort of hold down those those plays a little bit more I think they can be a lot better in this game I know we saw those zero points they destroyed the chance and Sam Donald on Monday Night Football for everybody to see but as you mentioned some counters of late there and then offense of like what is surprised me is even without rob Gronkowski and and some of the weapons they were accustomed to seeing there the betas of always seem to find a way to build is the season's going along and then boom they head into the playoffs and they have everything humming do you do you get that sense this year with an offense that all right scored two points last game but has exactly been consistent yeah I mean what could the offense one it's gotten better I see a win second your kid who missed his rookie year is first round pick with injury he's gotten better with every game that he's played Joe tunes been outstanding and shock Mason is finally rebounded this sort of played on his all pro level so they're doing a better job with the running game and then the screen game and they're doing you know more out of the kill Harry the first round with the receiver but outside of that they've had a tough time because the small teams of what they're doing is they're dot doubling drooling that'll mean either on either play every play or more third down in the red zone and then the more the more the loss of Krakowski really her and not having like in Antonio brown or Josh Gordon type that that dictates sort of coverage is now teens are freed up without a Gronkowski up there they're freed up to put a defense of back on James White instead he used to get linebackers exploit that match up so if you double at all man you have a plan for Adam and and then you you put a defensive back on James White the patriots have a really hard time finding plays but you know they they have been getting better if they could just get something out of Muhammad's a new in the post season I think they have a chance to do enough as long as the defense of lights out and he's capable as we Chow Greg but art and a fellow rider founded the Boston sports journal and of course the Las Vegas review journal an awful writer there as well we'll go around the sim these playoff matchups as well but you know the patriots they get Tennessee this week and I the only way I see the Titans winning these games if they're able to play from my head the entire time and Derek can resemble just wear out the patriots over the course of the game but I feel like if the pages get any kind of lead in this game it's pretty much a lights out there at Foxboro yeah I I don't know I mean it I think you know I think either way I think the Titans have you know they they certainly have enough weapons they had to because the patriots trouble I mean I think I like to take the Titans can play this game any number of ways I don't think it's the same you know for the patriots I you know I think the big key is going to be you know can the patriots defense get turnovers can the turnover winding it Danielle which they've been able to do in the past on that field when Tenney has been with the dolphins if they can do that that's sort of where this defense has made a living in giving short fields to the offense that's the formula for the patriots so I think the big thing is can contain he'll play mistake free football against this defense because if he doesn't I do think the patriots win more more on the pads if they lose this week and next week or whatever that might be is this an off season where you expect major change for the franchise yeah I think so I think you know guys like I think Josh McDaniels is probably out the door I think he's ready to take you know a job so the question is who becomes offense quarter after that of course you know the big thing they have a ton of free agents including like how men white J. it's Jamie Collins Devin McCourty guys who have been core guys here and of course there's the whole Tom Brady question and I'll think anybody including Tom knows you know what's going to happen but I can tell you he has no intentions to retire so you know is is this going to be the last home game it quite possibly could be so really nobody knows what's going to happen they're going into uncharted territory for this franchise in the off season to Josh McDaniels one of the candidates for the New York Giants right now would you seem as if it in New York as a head coach and with what happened with the colts a couple years ago at a much you think that's gonna be a factor for NFL teams when they consider him during these interviews I mean are you obviously they're gonna ask about it in in it's going to be a factor I mean I do think that McDaniels will have ways to explain that so people understand it you know a lot of it was he never knew his sitting with the patriots and also you know when when push came to shove you know really that was the GM strong sort of make up there were Chris Ballard you know we did have a lot of say over everything including you know things that people don't talk about like you know medical strength and conditioning things like that where I think Josh McDaniels would you know like to be in charge of that kind of stuff and so what's the set up going to be with the giants the obviously the bring back Dave cattlemen I you know I don't know if they have a relationship I have a great deal of respect for Dave and in hand and his eye for talent but you know what it will that will that sort of thing be able to mash I mean I would I would doubt it I would think that making those would be more open to you know jobs and say Carolina and Cleveland where he might be able to have bigger say in terms of the entirety of the football operations it's certainly something that could be the case in in Cleveland where you can have some say in the front office perhaps better and how they decide to do things that with all the changes going on with the Browns base we look around the rest of the playoffs which are great but dard Las Vegas review journal as well as the founder of the Boston sports journal do you agree that shocked the ravens the favorite going into the NFL playoffs I do I mean I I think that you know I think that the did the chiefs are certainly playing well that the the reason why I'm not as high on that used to some other people is that you know I I don't think my home's has been nearly as good this year and you know when they play the patriots I mean they didn't even play well these like a lost that game a lot of it had to be with you know my home looks very jittery ever since the injury to me in the pocket he's not he does not have the same confidence in the in the same bravado is forced to hang in the pocket making plays and he's you know he's he's making up a lot of plays as he goes along and so you know I just think at the end of the day I think the ravens with home field advantage and also you know that I think Lamar Jackson that offense is more consistent than the chiefs are you know I think that makes them a favor and Nancy you will see the rave it's for a couple weeks the number one seed in the AFC as far as this weekend goes wild card are we talked a bit about patriots Titans those other three matchups is there one in particular that you're really excited to see in you you think is the the best game best match up for the weekend well you know I I think that missed and he I mean I think they're all intriguing I mean certainly the Vikings and things have a long history of don't like you know Kirk cousins as far as his you know ability to you know play on the road and that kind of atmosphere and I'm a big game me about phones Houston should be a really tied up there I mean you you know it's it's one thing that you know was so just one you know what they're going to get in the bills and the taxes are a bit of a wild card they can be really good they can be terrible of course Billy Bryant's postseason history of them because I think the most interesting game as you know the Seahawks and the eagles you know to sort of beat up teams trying to find a way to Seattle's been tremendous on the road seven one I think this season the eagles are sort of you know making it work with smoke and mirrors and yeah that's going to be a crazy atmosphere fun of those stand so you know I'm really looking forward to sort of the weekend being capped with that one yeah I think that'll be the game of the week.

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