Bernie Sanders, Kennedy Center, Rahul Baba discussed on Larry Elder


Com studio Bernie Sanders believes there is quote still a path close quote to defeat Joe Biden I know I know after the Kennedy center got twenty five million dollars in this so called stimulus package they laid off a bunch of people and now a bill would be introduced to get back to twenty five million a homeowners association threatened to foreclose on residents were conducting business at home during a lock down the required him to conduct business at home doctors and nurses have been warned not to speak out during the corona virus I'm not talking about China I'm talking about here in this country his sensual companies companies that are determined by the government to be essential are still hiring new workers big time we'll talk about that Rahul Baba is criticizing president trump for reducing auto emissions standards never mind auto emissions standards kill people I would explain a navy ship station in Guam has a number of sailors with the corona virus and the captain want permission to off load some four thousand sailors off the ship this is still being debated as we speak Patrick Madden back and roll the ESPN tennis analyst has tested positive for the corona virus the CDC is.

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