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But I agree with these Stephen I would have preferred from an entertainment standpoint, I respect what the patriots have accomplished from a entertainment standpoint. I would have preferred to see Mahomes versus Goff and the Super Bowl you'll soon answer. Right. It was they used radio ESPN news. But it is Brady versus Jared is Aaron Donald and that defensive line going up against Tom Brady and the patriots who haven't allowed a sack against Tom Brady in this entire postseason. Have you spoken? Anybody from the loss Angeles Rams sent Sunday's AFC championship C championship. Weather's at what have they said to you about having a go up against Brady. Well, the time to face first and foremost, small first and foremost more centered around Todd Gurley and just what really is his house because I interviewed him on the field right after the game and asked and you hurt or what was it? And he told me he said, I've got her, and I do concede to the end if in the way that he was playing, but when I asked my source, and he's a heroin. Oh. That I believe that he's still hurt. And I do because he's that people don't really realize what he we sixteen seventeen. How hurt he really was. And he said at the very least, I don't think he's as close CID. So to me the big story line going into Super Bowl because you want to see if he is going to with the benefit of extra rest, you know, be able to compliment that offense and the way that you would expect him to the other thing. And I was talking to McVay about is whether we were going to see the on the field at the same time because I think that's another aspect to, you know, you know, throw as a tweak to the patriots defense or even the defense that they were going up again, which was the saints. He's still hadn't seen it coming into that game. We still hadn't seen it in the NFC championship. And I think that that could be a interesting tweak to take pressure off one and kind of confused because that's something that I was asking about and with regards to, you know, handling airy Donald of a we all know that the best way to stop. You know, Tom Brady is the put him on his back. Or to get him on make sure that he doesn't see the field just because you're dominating with time of possession so much, and I think that they have the ability to do that more. So than what they've seen in the postseason. But at the same time, you know, the saints have shown that you're still able to mitigate it someone because remember they only scored what was it like thirteen points, you know, against them. So I you know, they they show that you can score points against their often, but not necessarily get off. So I think that Aaron Donald is been helped by Donna consume and Dominic and to really stepped up in the divisional round in terms of stopping Zico Elliott keeping the Cowboys to their lowest rushing output of the season. And I think that that's something that could show itself in the Super Bowl. So those are the things I'm looking for and also the how a key Khalid and Marcus Peters, you know, handle themselves in the secondary. Just from the standpoint of you know, mental focus and also if they can. Help and slowing down there wide receivers in there tied no concerns about keep to leave. He showed me what he could do years ago when he was with with Denver and they beat Tom Brady. I'm not worried about it keeps leap Marcus Peters entirely different matter before I let you get on. Let me transition to another subject you'll see the because obviously you also covered some of these coaching hirings. I mean, obviously blind Florez Wayland defensive coordinator is expected to get the Miami Dolphins job. But whether it was added lace in New York for Miami. It was clink Kingsbury from from you know, getting Arezzo job..

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