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Mark Robins the night session at the Australian Open ended a little sooner than some people had hoped. Qena Chakari had to retire. The second set of his match against Tutsi Novak Djokovic with a leg injury. Yoke. Richard won the first set six one four one in the second when they should Corey retired Jovovich now takes on Lucas point in the semis. That'll be on Friday story. The damn Melbourne came in the women's quarterfinal between Serena Williams and Kerley which Govan cerita appear to have the match secured in the decisive set five one but couldn't finish the job unsuccessful in winning any of them four match points and Serena's succumbed to six straight games one five Golvin Williams, be no excuses for his failings. ESPN tennis analysts. Chris Evert feels things were unfortunate or one of the all time greats. She was a bit unlucky in this match. Okay. Let's just get that out. There is up five one match point. In the third set to me looking at her play until then the whole tournament. She still looked like she was the best player in the tournament. She never complains we don't know what the pain factor is. But it definitely hampered per play. Thursday, be a semi-final day for the women ESPN's. I the last ball coverage can be found on ESPN two the ESPN app and ESPN plus by the way that'll be Wednesday into Thursday. For everybody. Marianna rivera. The first player ever unanimously elected into the baseball hall of fame. He'll eat the class of twenty nineteen in the hall this summer booth, Mike Edgar Martinez and the late ROY halladay. Saturday night prime.

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