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For? We got three. Kenny Pickett, treylon Burks, Malik Willis. Those are the three guys who realistically aren't expected to go ahead of the Patriots. You could maybe throw Chris olave in there. That's four. So if we're saying Johnson ceiling or floor is 12 to 15, and then those four guys go ahead of it, well now you're in business. And that's kind of how this works. So Marcus mosher has Jermaine Johnson at 17 on his consensus report. So we're talking about four spots, right? So a couple of things happened. And that's I'm guessing that's not like a mock drafting. That's just ranking talent. Yes, right? So four spots, pick it. Burke's Willis. There's three. And then if you want to call it a lot, if you want to say a lava, mcduffie, whoever, there's your four. Right. That's how it works. Can we go over those college numbers real quick? I'm just curious. I want your thoughts on these. Yeah. Go ahead. So this is something I did earlier today. In 20 plus years, there's 8 power 5 schools Bill Belichick is not drafted from. Clemson, duke, Indiana, Kansas, Kansas state, Oregon state, Utah, Washington state. You got some hit or miss programs in there. You got some, I mean, Kansas is Kansas. They're not very good. Indiana's not very good. Duke's not very good. Oregon state Utah kind of come and go. Clemson stands out. Yeah. Is it just 'cause he knows that Davos a tool? It's interesting. Clemson's very different. Most of those other schools are in and out bull eligible. Clemson at least for the last ten years has been a title condense. So defensively when I look at or think about Clemson and under dabo, I automatically think of brand venables is now the head coach of Oklahoma, right? Is there a defensive mastermind or was for the better part of those last decade? Venables is known for being one of the more exotic defensive play callers at any level of football. We're talking fire zone sim pressures. I mean, you throw the kitchen sink of scheme at all these different quarterbacks, right? And our blitz and guys from all over the place, your coverage rotations are extremely exotic and I think that they might look at that defensive scheme and not see a ton of translation into the patriot scheme of what they do. It's more zone based. Like I said, more blitz zone, I would say than anything to do with man. And a lot of it is venables counting on the fact that college quarterbacks are raw processors and just don't see the field well. And he knows if he all of a sudden starts throwing weird blitzes and guys coming from different angles and stuff like that that he's going to catch a lot of these young kids off guard. And it's worked for them, obviously, to a big degree. But I think when you look at the Patriots, believe it or not, and I think a lot of people look at it and say, oh, Bill Belichick's always cooking up things in the lab and stuff. The Patriots from a coverage standpoint, their system is pretty basic and standard. It's cover one. It's own match cover three. It's pretty standard stuff. The success is based on talent, not skiing. And it's a lot of it's also predicated on everybody understanding their piece of the puzzle and doing their jobs such a high level. And they coach these things so well. That they're able to do that. But you talk to a lot of coaches around the league and you hear a lot of people say, you know, the Patriots, they're covered system is not that exotic..

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