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Is what I proposed. Yeah. You guys know. You just did you just let the bots win? No, that's not true because. Now John Doe has the upper hand and I am in control of the rest of this game because that's the only way in which will allow this to happen. Right. Yes. Then I don't i. don't agree to that I. Do not agree you total control will then you need to find another all you need to make better care I was just listened I was being imaginative. I was thinking outside if the game I was also providing great content, I'm going to sleep at night either way so. Your hand and This offer at number ten you make this offer at number five. I didn't overplay my hand because you're so mad and also. And that's all I want this now I've jumped mind. Hunter is now jump the game and Dragon Tattoo Right. Yes. You feel good about that. I will I will. I I do feel good about this. You run the risk Chris of actually offending the sensibilities of your own cr-heads by getting mine hundred too many good films is that what you want? We'll? See. We'll see I think their problem I think I'm governing with the mandate here. Is this a ploy is this a ploy from big the watch to valorize the power of television over films? Is that what you're doing many people are thinking is because we're about to put three music videos including Gina. Of My. Daughter we're talking about Cheney's got a gun for second. GotTa. Gun, I understand someone dies at the end of it and some shady things bad things are happening. But the what is happening in that music video I literally asking what did her daddy do? Yes. I, understand what implied but the plot is Jane got a gun. The music video is very hard to follow. Also, the eighties were extremely weird. This is one of these generational things where I guess that meant a lot you guys is just like, what have I inherited? Again, these are classic tactics from a party with false morals attempting to shift the blame shift attention onto a non offending party Jane got a gun, a wonderful music video that obviously set the stage for the kinds of films. The David Fincher was going to excel at, and you're trying to take that music video down a peg in an effort to collude. To disrupt the the the future of this show I want I want you to seriously consider what you're participating in here colluding lightest shining I have been a painting your side for the entire run of this show I pledged to continue doing just that and also asking basic questions like what happened in this film thing that you just made me watch because we learned unattended episode I don't always.

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