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I think that deep down. I've always been a diy person. And if you meet enough brewers. I think you'll find that brewers are diy people the ones that actually love it. Some people actually just treat it as a job but the people that actually truly love it are people that like to make hostages people that like nichols or people that liked to produce things that they didn't know that they could do and that sort of become. My new hobby is making pickles over the last couple of years. I made a few batches the last two years and then this spring. I think i made like twenty eight jars or something like that and now is just because i wanted to see how far i can push thing right. Maybe one day. I'll open a bureau that does like pickles and sausages and cheese or something on the side or you should just have derek's barbecue here in the summer out on the patio right and i would love that. Oh to open something in whistler though. You really need tokens natural. Have it here as part of great. I mean i'll come up for pickle day or whatever here so you know. Well we'll have to apply. Yeah it's a speech. How did Like so you vick. Then how did you make it up to whistler and was there anything in between well victoria. Yeah i went to school there. And i started my career there and then i decided to take a job with wild rose and calgary which is where i'm from and i knew some of those guys back there and so i worked for those guys for two years but i realize that really i wanted to be on the coast. Yep so the whole time. I was backing alberto. I was itching to get back here. And so eventually. I was there for two years and i came back to vancouver and worked for the russell brewing company for a year. And then i've been employed by the mark james group for near fifteen years fourteen and a half years or something since two thousand and six rank so i started a big ridge in syria. Worked yell town. I worked at dick's the famous dixie. That closed down. I was there. I worked at taylor's crossing i worked for red truck and then the only other place that hadn't been was here. And so when the brewers leaving here in two thousand ten shortly after the olympics he said do.

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