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Johny get show John kobylt Ken. Chiampou KFI AM six forty showing some of. That heavy rain in Hawaiian holy mackerel just like a. Landslide of, water All right coming up in, an hour we'll, be talking to Carlton mile from reform California gas tax repeal dot org good news no he'll bring it to us at an, hour but you know. If you want any of the, items that like the lawn signs and. The posters and all that stuff to promote, prop six the gas tax repeal I think they're ready to go but. He'll give us all of that plus he'll talk to us about Jerry Brown's latest stunt to get attention to keeping his gas in his, car tax he wants. To give extra raises to those employees of Cal trans who will stay around. And help spend your gas in car tax money quote on the. Roads, we know a large percentage of it will not be going to the roads these be expanding any roads they may be doing some pothole. Repair well the. Unions are going to finance the lies that will appear in all the TV commercials that Brown's criminal operation is going to, be running. This is Paul so we'll be Talking, to Carl in, an hour and that'll be followed pretty quickly by the moist line people now we got this story despite obviously hating the environment, and doing everything we. Can to bring about its fiery, destruction including Trump pulling out of the. Paris agreement on climate change last year the, United States has miraculously managed to do pretty well in curbing CO two. And in fact the USA is doing better than any other country that signed the accord including all of Europe and Canada Heritage Foundation senior, fellow Stephen Moore as. Done the research and according to his study called statistical review of world energy. Declines by the United States and this would be in twenty seventeen. The, US lead the world the ninth time it's done so this century declines by the US for about point five percent which doesn't sound like. Much but then. They say well But, there was, economic growth and the California pulls his thing trick well it's tough to do when there's economic growth is if there's economic. Growth there's more CO two well there is because that means people. Are living and they're driving. They have jobs Ed so companies are making things and, they're driving, see this is the price, of living on the, planet The, thing you can do, about it unless we all go back to living like we did in, the seventeen hundreds so we have, to accept this and all this all these reductions and we have. Reduced, more than the other countries doesn't change a climate temperature at all no, it doesn't have any. Effect, but what what what happens is because countries in America businesses. Are much freer, they. Can innovate and come up with more efficient ways, to produce goods using less energy or creating less Carbon dioxide in the air and. They, do that out of their. Natural evolution their? Natural innovation to be more efficient at what they do it's, like they constantly make cars that are more efficient they use less gasoline, that just happens on its own It says here that one of the. Reasons is the transition that's, being done to cheap and clean natural gas for electrical power, generation that's making a big difference in the US, has stepped up nobody years ago nobody counted that we would. Discover so much natural gas shale oil and gas they're. Finding all the reserves and it's doing a big job It happened without signing. An agreement to shoot ourselves in the head by putting too many restrictions on. Our industry and by paying out tons of money to poor countries who can't. Figure out how to get, out of bed in the morning And these European emissions are actually up one point five percent yes. The European Union nations I most of which if not all of which signed the Paris accords they're up one and a half percent apparently Spain led the way though forty four percent of the increase in e emissions was just from Spain The European countries, are. Full of fakes they are, they really are full, of fakes with the Germans they wanna punish the United. States they. Want global socialism that means US has. To pay reparations to the rest of the world, that's what? The. Paris climate agreement really was it was reparations you produce too much carbon dioxide methane you have to pay us you failed our air. But we just naturally reduce our emissions on our own it hasn't it hasn't fixed the climate at all Here's the real problem the worst offenders were you guessed it. We always talk about. This, China in India the largest increase, in carbon emissions in two thousand seventeen came from. China up, one point six percent that's actually. Reversal from the last three years from. The largest increases game from India now wait a minute I thought a big deal that came out of this. Was the China and I think what they agreed to John was that. Starting was the year twenty thirty they're going to try to bring down their emissions or something like that. Why they don't care well we're not near twenty thirty yet but obviously we. Have a long way to go these governments the. Men and women that run these. Governments are bunch of. Lying crux all that everybody agrees on is how can we punish the. United States because we're too rich or too. Powerful we got too big a military too much, influence. Too much of everything so, they wanna cut us, down and so they come up with these with these. All these. Scam ideas and what we had was A really weak president when. Obama was president who is embarrassed by America he was always embarrassed by our power by our strength by. Our size by our influence He. Was so he would agree to go along, with these stupid ideas so we we would punish ourselves and Trump has come. Back and said no, we're not gonna we're. Not gonna apologize for, being America together China and. India accounted for nearly half of the increase in global carbon emissions they're, the bad guys India's increase more than doubles the, US's decrease China, produces twenty eight percent of all the emissions in the. World China by itself produces twenty eight countries are basically. Giving, us the finger yeah if you care about climate change because they're saying look we. Have a growing middle class and we want to encourage that we want to become a richer more powerful, country and I'm afraid it does take energy to do that. Not a single European Union coal. Is still. Pretty cheap. Yeah not a single European nation is within eighty percent of. Its target for emission reduction all of the European countries are failing to, increase, their climate action. In line with the Paris agreement all but, five countries aren't even at fifty percent of their targets so that's what is. Obama say that's disappointing Rumer made a big deal of going there and. Signing, the accord because it's a fraud it was an absolute fraud you have to start. In life when you get up in the morning and you assume that everything that comes out of the, mouths of government leaders and politicians media heads and writers and. Commentators and celebrities is either false or raw Now they're either lying to you or they're telling you that in giving you a bad information, that they might believe but it's still bad information And the the biggest lies come from these European leaders in these Chinese and Indian leaders because they they they wanna, have wealthy societies like ours And they all those countries would love to be on equal footing with the United States and that's the big fight so they're not, gonna, give in and we shouldn't give him Right when we come back strike. Strike strike why haven't we, been through this before teachers. In, LA unified school district apparently are going. To authorize the possibility of a. Strike well let me see what's it over the kids. Aren't, doing well and, we wanna do, better no it's the usual things pay classroom size some other weird things in this we'll talk about coming up John and. Ken show KFI Debra.

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