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Accompanied by pictures and videos and articles peppered through with references to all the high tech military gear that NORAD says it's using to track Santa. So the descriptions of the Santa tracker are also a chance to sort of clues. Republican on what kind of technology NORAD has at its disposal for 2017 that includes NORAD's North Warning system, which is a collection of 47 radar installations in Canada and Alaska. Along with infrared satellites to detect Rudolph's nose and a worldwide Santa cam network that turns on the cameras about an hour before Santa enters a country. And then turns them off again when he leaves and Canadian NORAD pilots fly C F 18 fighter jets out of Newfoundland to welcome Santa to North America. And this is where I'm like. There's a corporate sponsorship pay for that and isn't a takeoff that's actually happening for real. That's the part that I'm more inclined to question Does that really happened? And this is one of the ways that the NORAD star story really diverges from. Yes, Virginia. Yes, Virginia is all about how Santa is real, emphasizing imagination and faced and the intangible but not suggesting that he is an in the flesh human person that the writer himself personally met at some point NORAD, on the other hand straight up, says that the fighter jet pilots of intercept have intercepted Santa a bunch of times and the Santa always waves because he likes to see the pilots today. The NORAD tracks Santa website is in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Chinese. Our ABS available to track him for Apple and Google play as well as the president's on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram on Star Contract Santa and there's There's a NORAD track, Santa Alexis skill. For a while. Google Maps had an official partnership with Nora and for the Santa Tracker..

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