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And so from there just talk about the the whirlwind of how that you know how you feel you finally kind of arrived on the, you know, I guess the worldwide scene and you get to kind of, you know, ply, your trade and a lot more markets. Now. The thing was I moved out was because of this is old enough of Louisville, Kentucky to be telling what t- United elemental territory, and it would the, the reality was the British was growing. It was a bubble like them. We were selling selling building, and there was all this big commotion, redbrick bootcamp, because such big thing in England as a wrestling rally, and then I got to Louisville, Kentucky, and then he was an honorary twenty people and it was it was like a crash back down to earth. Okay. And then listened the rid Rogers listening while snow just listening. Danny divers just listening and rip Rogers is a genius. Absolutely hitting is psychopath, but yes. Just the why? Why the foot the first is that they're really, I'll go smoothly. Okay. Getting re okay. All right. Now, what. Well, what. So we try get outta fucking rate. She gotta rape and Rick goods. You locked within a minute. You didn't sell the moment. You didn't. You didn't, you know, didn't eat and sell the moment. You can make moment. You didn't might complain anything watch and then the front. Boys going out and it was. Just the pace was slow of assigned, but it might a lock of every little thing like of and not to throw away punches and upset, throw. While you moves and two weeks someone off the road, you know, selfish planet stuff that you don't think about when you're just doing this on the floor. But you don't think that you know, if you're by vice hill, the mice moves on and you come back and we've been waiting for this the whole match and they hit all these moves. And at one two and the hill kick site will who's really tough gone. So like Rick was just so good at what they did. And sometimes I get like UNLV arrow like the wrestling audience, but when I hear this awesome, I kinda sale. You like both of us, you know, look, one wanted to win and you don't wanna wanting to lose its off. Thank you. This great exhibition this. It's like I missed loving height. Where the money's it's just I agree. And and to me like winning audience chance, promotions, name, I'm like, all right. Then I haven't done my job. They should be chanting my name or they should be chanting whoever the baby faces name is. Love me. Usually that's what it was on the hill. So love him. But if you're not chanting his name, I don't want you chanting, you know, EC w or TNA or or an x t, I want them chanting Gargano or I want them, you know, that's that's where that's when you're over because now it's not about the company. Now it's about the character. I talked about in the past two. I think that sometimes you know performers get a little disillusioned when they hear. 'cause you know, we talked with social media and all these other sorts of things. You know fans, they like to participate, but they also are conditioned at certain times to chant when they see something big, happened car crash or whatever it is chant holy shit or this is awesome or the initials of promotion. And when when those big things happen, it's like, oh, it's our time to react with air conditioned, do it. When they see those things, it doesn't necessarily mean that I think some forms disillusion like, oh, they're making noise that means I'm over. It doesn't necessarily mean that it there's no MS chaining your name or doing things that item. What you're saying. There's really not a an emotional connection to the character, like said, like you said, a real love, hate type thing completely agree. I think the quote was we might movies and I've never seen a good movie when that hasn't been an obstacle for this characters of comb. You know, you follow those these journey fill it, isn't it?.

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