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6 10 W T V N Sports Matt McCoy yesterday. What a great day for those like Derek Jeter, who back in the day was a Columbus clipper. Yeah, and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, You know? Such a good man. I think he's probably one of my favorite baseball players of all time. He just always been a stand up, classy guy. I love him to death, and even when he takes shots at other people, he's classy about it like yesterday during his speech with the one The one person who didn't vote him in. Thank you to the baseball writers. All but one of you voted for me. Yeah. Hmm. How about that? That's great. I, uh Listen, even if you are a Yankee hater, which I know there's a lot of them out there. Derek Gear was a hall of Famer and for someone for someone, some writer and I would love to know the reason me too. To leave him off. I mean, he was a Hall of Famer, and it happens every year where there's some obvious, you know, surefire, no doubt about it. A Hall of Famer and some you know, sports writer will leave them off to me. People like that. Just take their ballot away. You know, because you know I get it with. I mean, there's obviously there's some guys that have controversy. I I get it or or your Derek Jeter. He was void. He avoided all that, so I really did. He had all of fame career and he was as good as I've ever seen in terms of rising to the occasion. Um, you know, dramatic home runs World Series. You know, we want all those World series and made big plays during the, um the, uh, but to his very last appearance in Yankee Stadium, you know, he's retiring last at bat in Yankee Stadium, and he had to walk off single. I mean, you know, it's just There's certain guys that have that it factor that always seemed to, uh, make the big play The big shot. Get the big hit at the right time. And he was He was one of those guys. Yeah, select group, So Yeah. Is well, well deserved, well, well deserved, well deserved, And it's uh you know, you think about you mention him being a clipper, and I'll finish with this. You think about some of the people Back in the nineties that played for the Clippers headlined by Mariano Rivera and Derek Gear, who we have some pretty talented people Come through. Go on this. I know that sorry. There's bark I football, updated service amid state basement systems and clouds, roofing and other practice day for the Buckeyes, who played their home opener Saturday against Oregon Ducks coach Mario Crystal Ball, saying yesterday that his star defensive player Bash Rutger past Russia. KV in Thibodaux is still day to day after suffering an ankle sprain last week. Thibodeau is questionable for Saturday. Still no word from Ohio State on the status of defensive backs seven banks and Cam Brown, who missed the opener, But we're both seen wrapping up practice yesterday, so that could be a good sign. Same story for safety Josh Proctor you have to Minnesota game early with his shoulder injury. He also was on the practice field yesterday will be talking Buckeyes in Oregon with you tonight. Join us for box line. We're on the air from 6 to 8 NFL season kicks off tonight with defending champion Tampa Bay hosting Dallas veteran NFL defensive back and former black eye Bradley Roby is on the move. He was traded yesterday from Houston to New Orleans. He becomes the sixth Ohio State product. On the Saints roster right now and the third in their secondary joining DB Marshawn Lattimore and safety Malcolm Jenkins baseball the Red 241 loser in 10 innings to the Cups, allowing a three run walk off homer to Chicago's Jason Heyward, San Diego one. So it means the Reds are a game back in that race for the final wild card. Indians are shut out on just one hit by Minnesota, losing three to nothing. Clippers also lost 5 to 2 Gwinnett. The Buckeye basketball schedule is out the openers, November 9th against Akron to Big 10 games are in December, the fifth at Penn State and the 11th at home against Wisconsin. From the central Ohio. Honda dealers. Sports Stash McEvoy Use radio 6 10 w T V F. Thank you Mad into the newsroom with Allison Wyatt. Alison, What are you working on for seven o'clock? Well that new face mask order is coming for Columbus. As new Covid 19 hospitalizations continue to put strain on the areas medical centers. Tips have been Coming in by the hundreds as the FBI is now releasing new video of the D. C pipe bomb suspect and the Justice Department says it is ready to sue the state of Texas over its new abortion law. We'll take a look at all that coming up at the top of.

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