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He does sports afternoons for us on the Rokon show with the blonde you can follow him on Twitter at k Powell seven twenty and let's get back to it. Hey, Kevin the the bears first place Chicago Bears. Let's talk a little bit about this has been kind of a fun season. So far. Yes. First time they've had sole possession of first place through week nine since two thousand twelve so they're in the driver's seat year in which we thought was going to be very competitive division. I think there are some good teams here that the Vikings Detroit in Green Bay of all had some bad losses as have the bears. But it's it's very tight. And we've got a streak here at three straight division ups for the bear. And all three are coming within an eleven day stretch all day stretch. So this is this is really could kinda define the season in where the bears go because he got wyans Vikings in primetime. And then lions again in prime time. If you if you want to consider eleven o'clock on thanksgiving where the whole, you know, everybody's watching. Everybody's gonna wanna get academia. Yeah. Yeah. You got three games coming up here. And. They're big for. Sure. Yeah. Well, did you did you expect them to to you know, to to have this kind of run? I mean, you know, they're a couple of disappointing games. We want to talk about the Green Bay game. But there's a couple of disappointing games in there. But but there was a blowout last week. Yeah. I mean, there's always blind optimism. The fans, you know in training camp and things like that. But I I'm actually not that surprised. I mean, if you look at talents, especially on the defensive side of the ball they're doing what they should do. And they had a couple of weeks you want to call them that you know, definitely Miami. But the climax injury hasn't helped. For the most part the bears are kinda what I thought they were going to be. Okay. Danny green. I know stuck in my head out every now, and again, I can't help it, Nick. Everyday life. They are thought. But seriously, they are like a really good defense. And that a quarterback who has looked pretty good at times. But he's also had some inaccurate throws bears bears. Offenses averaging the bears in general averaging over thirty four points per game over the past five games. That's that's top five in the NFL. So scoring points up fourteen and I'm coming on the defensive side of the ball last week, but they're doing enough on offense and the defense is playing well, and and the bears are looking pretty good right now said these next three weeks and eat health of Khalil Mack weighs heavily on where this team goes. Yeah. Over the next six seven weeks here. Yeah. The next three weeks are really big they're huge for the for for the bears. I know everybody is going to be watching. So speaking of football. Let's go over to north western having a great year. They lost the Notre Dame this past week and you were at the game, correct? Yeah. What atmosphere we were doing a show from their leading up to it? Because there's just such that buzz Notre Dame in town. I mean that was the first time since nineteen seventy six Notre Dame at played at right, right? Yeah. Yeah. They've they've played a good amount of times. But the the pass the previous two times they played which were considered. I guess northwestern. Home games were at soldier. They weren't at Ryan field. So nine hundred seventy Sixers last time there man, it was it was just an awesome atmosphere because. In south southbound, but it's one hundred ten hundred twenty miles that separates the two schools. Chicago means so much to both of those universities for a lot of different reasons. Sale. Right. Right. North north western Boston and northwestern. They take care of business. The next few weeks and went two or three in the big ten championship. Yeah. So that's been sort of a funnier. They had a little rough start there to go. But they together four wins over the last five weeks. So they're pretty good shape. Yeah. Well, David seems happy. That's all that matters. Say that again, I said Dave, and it seems happy. So that's all that matters. That's all that ever mattered. Davis happy. So, you know, they get Saturday, but they fought hard, and that's a that's a tough like Notre Dame's number three in the country. So yeah, not northwestern. Put up a fight at home and luggage said there, they can they take care of business over the final few weeks to play in the big ten championship game. And I think you can call that a successful. You're absolutely let's talk before we get out of here. Let's talk baseball real quick picked up the option for hamels Strope and can Tana. How do you feel about that? The no brainer. They're going to pick this one up in the next one because they are so team friendly. That was a big reason. The cubs wanted a trade for containers. Because he makes so much sense. Contractually Cole hamels. There was maybe so questions that maybe they would try to buy them out and then restructure the deal. Maybe even at a second year under the deal. But that makes sense I let y'all three deals made sense for the cubs shops. And so it's been good for them for so long out of the bullpen. Hamels was great last year trade for me. You're not going to get rid of out after what you traded for him. So they all three mates Rizzo gets the gold glove about that. That's that's deserved. Solidly consistent. You just couldn't rely on them over there. So I think well deserved for results to straighten up. Yeah. And then by as is among the finalists for MVP. Yeah. You're not gonna win. It's probably going to be Chris Christian yelich. You're lucky. Sorry. It's salted. No, no, no. No. No. It's true. Absolutely. No question about it. Yeah. But both great years for for for both guys, really. And you know, I'm really tired of the New England area winning as many championships as they do. Now. I mean, it's just it's it's ridiculous. And he was eleven championships. Now in the last fourteen years, something like that. It's. Listen, I know Boston Red Sox fans would listen they they suffered second only to us in sandwich. Sponsored suffer for a long time. But man, they should just leave those barriers and those like St. guards up in the parade route for all these teams because you're probably saved the city for money. Right. They're having a run over there. Many are all right. All right. Kevin. Well, listen, man, always fun to talk to you on my show. And I appreciate you taking the time to.

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