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A hospice doctor, and that's what I deal with. Oh My God van Damme this got the dust thrown. This is again you need to watch this. Unfair. To be on fast forward in my life all. Google glasses worked a little better. You could made thing. Dr Jason Vein Do you have a rebuttal? No. To the mental accuracy. Wouldn't say as high as Greg said. But I'd say it's it's closed I'd say it's about as accurate as. One hundred percent. I mean people are getting punched and they get hurt and people are bleeding from their point. Somebody gets a concussion. Somebody kicked him in the head. That's medically. If. You. Re people die because they got to get like come up they died of sepsis. They did die of Sepsis, but also they immediately I'm not doing now. We're going to have a full debate on the accuracy a bunch for versus. I my dad. My Dad heard the Hubble on episode and then. Like I gotTa Watch the Human Centipede I was like no you. Mean you could but we hold no responsibility. No. No no you don't. You don't need to watch that one. I must say that was a very good time. It. Was Terrible. Great So I won't comment interesting factoid about that doctor that you've been discussing. He owner of the the doctor, not the the doctor in the movie in let work. Really hard exam. Is the owner of the producing studio. Oh. The actor who played that you know just just a little cameo as that doctor. And he did a very thorough job. I mean, he did a better job than some. West when we listen hearts. I mean, as racist says, this movie is stereotypically a lot of different nationalities get speaking roles in it, and that's better than most Hollywood movies do so yeah. You know who doesn't get a speaking role Chongli, now he is. A sub across throw role in appointing role. He talked late night speaking he has he has one line in like it at the very beginning of his fight with with Dukes I can't hear you because I'm gap..

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