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And you are appreciative of listening to something that is compelling. And that is interesting and that. Gets into your brain. And Furthermore, it allows you to have some imagination. You imagine what the characters that we are talking about, what they look like. If you don't know you imagine a scene, if I describe it, a good narrative makes the listener have in his or her head a drama and the drama plays out without any costumes without any pictures. It plays out in your head. That's the best of what I can do for you. And at the end of it, it's a drama that matters. But that's why radio survives you. Just let yourself listen and think thanks retooling. Some stories today. It's been my pleasure now. Can I wanna do this someday where I get to interview you as long as you don't call me one of the ten dumbest podcast members of congress. No, but you have to let let one of or two of us do podcasts with you where we interview, you say, no, you're a wuss. Look, I'll do it. Okay. If you want me to bring a violent, I'm happy to bring a violent, whatever, whatever. Okay, thank you so much. Nina. Take care. This is the point in the show where I talk about something in the news that struck me. And usually it's something that I find myself in my in my reading of the news from day to day. But this time I was alerted to a story by someone on Twitter who's handle is at Jeff o. j. e. f. f. f. o. s. who linked to a story in the Star Tribune out of Minneapolis about a baseball game. And when I think that listener for being the article to my attention now, it's not a story about baseball, although it initially seems like it is so at a game between the Tampa Bay rays and the Minnesota Twins, last Sunday, July fifteenth played in Minnesota. There was an odd thing that happened. So in the fifth inning, the twins were trailing four to one and the rays had two men on base threatening to score also. And the twins manager did what looked to be a strange thing he brought in Fernando Rodney. To come in who usually pitches as the closer. In fact, the last time he had pitched so early in a game was thirteen years earlier, and even though it was not his usual time to come into the game, Rodney got twins out of a jam by striking out the first batter and getting the next batter to ground out to first base. And so all was good. And so the question that was raised by baseball fans and people who were present was why bring Rodney and so early, was this a new bolt strategy on the part of the twins with an injury that people weren't aware of? And it turns out that the reason Ronnie was brought in early to get his pitching out of the way was he had an incredibly important appointment in Miami. It was an immigration hearing that could not be rescheduled. And so the flight that he had to be on was scheduled to go out before the game would be over. So the manager brought him in, let him do his work and sent him on his way, and it wasn't just any kind of hearing. Fernando Rodney who was born in the Dominican Republic had to get to Miami ace app to take his oath of citizenship. Rodney later documented, what happened and where he went on his Instagram account. Here's what he wrote, quote, after nineteen years in this wonderful country today I am blessed to say that I am an official US citizen today..

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