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Do you find that the things you read and listen to and and and right, and those kinds of things are more in Chinese than they are in English. No. I think if I totally honest, it's mostly I'm still kind of living in an English bubble to some extent. Because a lot of my news and social media is all English. And I can only imagine if I was if I was soaking up that much Chinese everyday where my Chinese being I think most of what's incoming is English improbably. Most of what's outgoing is English. I would have to say. And that's fair. I mean, it is the language that you can that you do the most in and culturally speaking, there is a difference between news English Newton Chinese and there's different viewpoints different kinds of things. Yeah. There are some people out there who when they come to China, they refuse to speak English. And if that works for them. That's great. I right. Yeah. It's right. They kind of they kind of up with that restriction on themselves. So, you know, for better or worse in you know, there's a million ways to Sunday, and some people may decide on only gonna watch Chinese TV only gonna watch Chinese cartoons. And they they they seriously. They put some kinds of restrictions on their on what kind of input language in have said that they can move faster. But for me, you know, it's still a lot of. And I want to improve my English. Actually, that's all my to do. So I actually studied English as well. In in what we do want to improve. Well, I noticed ever the years teaching English in China that might English is getting worse because language around not airy real. Yeah. What did you call language erosion? I love that time. I wish I had made it up. But it's actually I don't know where I picked it up. But somewhere along the line of either teaching or studying how to teach it came up, and I just went oh that that makes complete because if you're not using it, especially when you're you're in Asia, a lot of times, you're teaching lower level students, and you don't really use a lot of your language, and I found myself like watching and reading a lot of stuff that was much denser than I normally would because I just needed that kind of stretch linguistically, and I was just I stopped doing like fun things in English for well because I was just trying to kind of balance out my language. But but yeah, no. It's it's the thing. It's definitely a thing. And it happens in any language, not just your first language. But it's definitely a thing. You think because I was so fascinated by Chinese after a few years that sort of thinking now you've lost your fascination with English where did that go? As a young stir. I think I was so much more fascinated and had an imagination for English. So I I wanted to bring that back in keep developing, you know, especially as a teacher as a college too. And sometimes we have to do public, lectures, and speeches and open classes, and I felt like I still have the English of a twenty one year old or twenty year old. That's crazy. I'm I'm thirty one now, and I've been teaching at the college for many years than I my English has been stagnant. So one of the work on it. I totally understand why it's been a struggle to keep it. I think I've lost a lot especially in what used to now I think by living overseas. Also, I've kind of like, I think my language has become very dated to win. I let well exact little symphony US in graduate school. But that language isn't actually combinator used language either. Like, we are like the everyday language that people use I'm so so dated as far as like when I wreck the you enter basis like. Some of my when I was teaching at university in the US, and I'd say something, and my my nineteen year old American students would look at me like who said that any more. Apparently, I do. Teach that silly ten years ago. And I'm like, yeah. Let make sense about peer enjoying this conversation about the Chinese language and would like to participate if you're studying the Chinese language, or if you come from the Chinese language and of Lord languages, either perspective is greatly. Actually, both perspectives are greatly appreciated on this channel. Let's have a conversation. Let's take that sucker. And let's get it into this podcast, contact me. And let's at out the details on how to get you and your valuable language learning. Experience onto this podcast..

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