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Came early on that he was going to plead. The case was simply overwhelming as much evidence. As i've ever seen against someone and nullify very clear that he's going to be exposed for what he was. Guy is one very very perverted individual. He's not a master criminal. he's not some piece of mythology. He's a child killing piece. I told the court. I said you know. That's all fine and well. They want him to plead guilty. But we want to put on evidence of all of the crimes so people know exactly what happened. Going to hear and see who dennis rader really was not who he wanted the public think he was. Did you attend any of his court. Appearances did you just. I wouldn't have been able to do it. i want. i was torn because you wanna be. They're supportive for your father but the media presence was massively heavy and we were not keen on being anywhere near the media. There's plea hearings are usually ten twelve minutes but this turned into about an hour and a half judge waller rightfully so asked dennis rader to describe what he did. Mr raider i need to find out more information. The judge took him through every victim. Nestle terrel had never strangled anyone before. So i really don't know much pressure. You had been on personal or take the whole family just went. They panic domain. saw i. i worked pretty quick. Mrs and that would have tied it up. And then the mag overhead and strangled him after she was stay on moving anymore. Rearranged or kloesel bit texan photos harris this man standing up in court and what i imagine. What's his church. Suit recounting the murders of his neighbors. One by one by one. I had a commitment to go to so i.

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