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In milwaukee or not milwaukee excuse me memphis memphis always finds a way to get the best out of their players even if they're not star players or anything like that 'cause i know uh mike conley it could be debated whether or not is a superstar player and probably unmee mark has also been a pretty good center by wouldn't call him like a big give him superstar status or even really close to it but uh yeah as far as all that goes i mean tyree evans is still been a player who um he's been lights out so far off the bench and yom really excited about him the rest of the season so yeah that's an early candidate for six man of the year eight their janas onto onto the kupu had 27 points nine rebounds 7 assists khris middleton had 17 points eric bledsoe in his i believe is the second game so far with milwaukee at fifteen points and seven rebounds and malcolm brogdon i've been bomb kind of interested to see how he'd do off of this whole offer this coming off the bench role and he only had 10 points yesterday so it's going to be probably a little work in progress for him the atlanta hawks wanted to new orleans and the pelicans came away with that when we know six to a 105 can't base more had 22 points and seven assists marko bela nelly had fourteen points dennis schroder had a really off game he had 11 points demarcus cousins had 22 points sixteen rebounds 7 assists and anthony davis had thirteen points ten rebounds and seven assists also each one more also had a really be game for the pelicans he had twenty four points next up the lakers went into phoenix the lakers won that one one hundred ninety three lonzo ball scored seven points came back down to earth after that triple double he shot 3 of 10 had 5 rebounds and five assists robin brooke lopez excuse me he had fifteen points and ten rebounds jordan clarkson did well coming off the bench he had 25 points in that one and contagious caldwellpope he had fifteen points nine rebounds so nice contribution from him for the lakers as for phoenix tj warn um he's been really play really well so far this season he had 23 points and 15 rebounds in naim devin booker went off.

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