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Follow my conviction. I guess I know too, that in order to promote health if you got to be able to lead by example and make the tough call, fans will receive Black Day and 95 past at the stadium, all health care workers will get a special White won the game and the halftime show with the weekend are meant to be a balance about respecting the cost of the pandemic will also creating some joy. Tampa Mayor Jean Castor's also recently instituted a mask mandate in high traffic outdoor areas around the city. The Wyoming Republican Party has voted overwhelmingly to censure Congresswoman Elizabeth Cheney for voting to impeach President Trump for his role in the January 6th Ryan at the Capitol. Dr Jim King's a professor of political science at the University of Wyoming, and he says it's all bluster coming from party activists. He has a solid base in the state and to win elections. You certainly need more than just the party activists. We know either political party, the activist tend to be a little bit more out on the fringes. And Cheney Toe win has been getting substantial support from you know the moderates in and you know the middle ground in the state, and I assume she will still have that. I have to support in the future. The center document accused Cheney of voting to impeach even though the U. S House didn't offer President Trump formal hearing or due process that a second impeachment of the president of the former president begins on Tuesday. CBS News correspondent Stacey Lynn has a preview. It's been a little over a month since a violent attack on the Capitol, which prompted the house to impeach the former president. For incitement of insurrection. The trialist set to begin opening statements from both sides will likely take a few days. Then we get a question and answer period. Mr Trump will not have to fi his legal team responding to that request, saying, No calling it a public relations stunt, and we probably won't see any witnesses called during this trial, just like in the last. As for how long On this trial will go on. That is still unclear. The first trial dragged on for weeks. This time around, both sides are in agreement. They want it to be quick. Stacey Lynn CBS News Capitol Hill leadership in charge of securing Capitol Hill, still have said almost nothing about the security breach in riots that occurred just over a month ago. And even today Many who work on Capitol Hill are scared after what happened in the lack of information they're getting isn't helping. Several sources, including members of Congress, staffers in people from government agencies, who often work on Capitol Hill, with Congress have expressed concern that they were hearing about security issues related to Capitol Hill. In the media before they were briefed about it on the hill. Some staffers and members we've spoken to say briefings are taking place, but not all of the stakeholders are being notified in a timely manner. Part of the problem is keeping the information about the threats close to the vest. Another part of the problem is many of those that may be at risk are not hearing about it. J J Green w T o P News It's 5 35. If you don't know PPC if you don't know s CEO, if you don't know O t t If you don't know, targeted display social media matters like development, mail marketing. You don't have to. All you need to know is 2060 digital. We can help you with the digital marketing your business needs but maybe doesn't understand or have time to execute. 2060 Digital is a Google premier partner. That may not mean a lot to you..

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