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So I, uh now I'm fully hedged on the stock. I don't care what happens whether it goes up or down. I don't get any returns at all. But, uh, if the calls you exercised, I'm out of the stock around. Uh, 24 25 on a stock that I considered to be worth anywhere from 8 to 16. So thank you for that particular position. But anyhow, that's a That's a quick summary of some of the things that have been going on in these marshals. Well, you know, in this case, uh, one of the things that's happened since then, Of course, the bandits moved over to silver. And they had a good thing going with the short squeeze motivation. I didn't understand the silver thing that just didn't make sense. What do your comments on that old they the mining markets when you can to the precious metals? You're in a whole different field because there is so much supply out there in the grand ground that all these firms have to do is go ahead and Shell cell medals short on the foreign, my own of forward markets and then go out in mind, son, but they've got an unlimited supply of gold and silver and zinc and copper and anything that you would want to, uh, to talk about. If the price is air had, Yeah, it comes out of everywhere at Yeah, I had mentioned the gold Tupperware parties where the housewives get together and sell their husband's gold chains and medallions from the seventies. You know, And then that came out of out of nowhere. That was a ton of supply back when gold hit 1900 herself, but anyway, that those were those were fun. Any comments on JP Morgan declaring an oil supercycle between now and 2023? They said demand. Gonna overwhelm supply that can't ramp up fast enough. You would. You would not disagree with them. I don't know that you could not hit. You can bet the farm on that. But You have had a tremendous cut in the amount of production that is going to take place over the next few years. Number one. The production overseas is declining, the Middle East and Russia all Have quit putting a lot of money into drilling. And the U. S is quit putting a lot of money and a drilling. So you have a lot of decline, uh, in production. Without much increase in the forces. Thank you, Papa Dean. And may God bless you and your family in the week ahead with peace and prosperity. Strike in sandwiches keeping me bad dreams Way understand? Just hurry in the arms of father and everywhere investors. This is Spencer Macallan, host of net worth radio dot com devoted to your success with excellence and investment strategy and dissecting the financial.

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