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A choice between the you know. The patriots coming and the saints coming you'd want the. The patriots coming not that could have happened. Obviously the team that they came the Rams we're happy that they're here. And I'm sure the falcons brass were here are happy. Why relationships think all the? Think of all the interaction that the falcons have had with the St Louis Rams amongst the years, right? Less need having working for the falcons Orgainzation for a little while then got his big break with the Rams organizations to Saint Louis eventually out to LA. And now he comes back to Atlanta place where he started or spent some time, and he gets gets the beat his chest. Like the big shot. You know what I'm saying? So in other words, it's like they come in and take over the falcons facilities for for a couple of weeks that must be that must feel pretty awesome. So they got the they got the management thing on lock with less need. They've got the coaching thing on lock with Sean McVeigh who by the way is from high school. He played at Marist young guy. How old is he thirty one at the most thirty one thirty two at the most. Oh, man. He's he's Boston right now. What do you think? He is. Right. Like, how do you think he's spending his first week? They probably just a little bit. How will fun before they actually buckled down to get serious. You know, the actual Super Bowl. But could you imagine? How fun it is. For those guys right now. And if you don't think Adama, Kim Soo as well as Donal them, boys. No ball on the Super Bowl is going to be ugly. I've gone on record to say, I believe that the. Los Angeles Rams are going to be two touchdown. Winter's over the New England Patriots Seinfeld is listening heading to the club coming back from the club. I apologize man. If you're a patriot just, you know, it's just a talented, and I know which I got going. I know the I know the pages have a rich history of good things that happened to them have a fine organization. One of the best. If not best ever we all know that we all acknowledge that if the best quarterback to ever play the game with now. But on Sunday, it's gonna come down to talent. And which team is going to be able to. Impose their will on the other. Dogs on that defensive line in down. And I think they're gonna I fully expect those guys to rise to the occasion and do some big things. And one of the. Pretty matchup. You'll have to look for is. How about David Andrew center for the New England Patriots, former UGA product think about this battery man, you got you got the center Andrews. You got two running back Sony. Michelle did big things last week in the AFC championship game. Then on the other side, you got ta girly. Who had a jacked up call? And what did you do that? Shifting my faith or your your face pointing at me telling me that I had something on my face. And I need to get that because it was on the radio. So it's okay. Okay. All right. Okay. All right. Don't have any self conscious up here survivors said Swiss it's one o'clock in the morning. Jeez. Louise. Where was yeah. So where was I told him about Todd Gurley in the local ties, etc? Yeah. Todd gurley. Admittedly had a bad game in the NFC championship game against the saints. And he will have an opportunity to redeem himself when he comes back to the friendly confines of Mercedes Benz stadium. Not that he ever had an opportunity to play Mercedes Benz stadium as a member of. Know guys that have ties to the. They wanna come back here and show day behind. That's just a that's just a that's just the honest truth of it. There are some places that bring up the absolute best in people. The absolute best. You know, where those places are. Staples Center in Los Angeles. Nadison Square Garden. In New York. Ladies and gentlemen, dare. I say believe it or not. State farm arena. The new name state farm arena. But that facility. As well as Mercedes Benz stadium. Prior to that the Georgia Dome. People come athletes, come to Atlanta. It's like the it's like a stage for them. It's like I wish there was some way. I could relate this it made people feel when I'm talking about. It's the big stage here in Atlanta, whether or not we realize it or that living here. Cats wanna come to Atlanta and show their behinds? They wanna they wanna play their best games in Atlanta. Looker James harden. Did right Luca James harden did last night in Madison Square Garden? You don't think he has dreamed about putting a big numbers in Madison Square Garden. One of the most infamous sports facilities in the history of sport. Yes. Even talked about in his post-game conference after buses sixty one on him. Sixty one points or no assistances. The producers shaking her head like, wow, I don't even know how you can do that with no assists. Sixty one points and narrator cyst from teammate. Wow. Mega put up big numbers. Now granted ain't gonna fly in the postseason. You know, what I'm saying goes dating? Oh for even on a hand. Boy boys on the ropes last year. Right. But at the end of the day. James harden, deliver they say, we're creatures of habit. We'd have to bust something up to make that go away with you will speaking of James harden. I have some NBA all star voting news. I'll tell you who the two captains are when we return. You're listening to sports walk on sports radio ninety nine the game and ninety two nine a game dot com. Your home for Super Bowl fifty three.

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