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Get eight hundred million in loans that mark davis is taken out to pay for the team's cut other new stadium in las vegas accord he owes del rio about fifteen mill let's talk about pain bruton tim i mean ten million a year should be enough to get him back to coaching if that's not enough to lure him back you shouldn't have to offer him a piece of the raiders to be the coach of the team he's a coach not a guy in a business suit at you know what i'm saying like he's not he's not an investment banker okay you don't need to give him of you shouldn't have to give him a piece the raiders you can find a coach that wall potentially get this thing back on track if you really do believe indira car and apparently you do 'cause you gave him one hundred twenty million dollars wherever they're all was honoured whereby million dollars how about this uh put better people in place that will evaluate talent get reggie mckenzie outta there okay that'd be a good place to start and then maybe get a young brash head coach an offensive minded coach or even got like what you told me that a guy like frank reich or a guy like patch shurmur couldn't come in and do damn near just as good a job in in you pam a third of what you have to pay john gruden and not give him a piece year franchise but it's the whole nostalgic thing it's the whole hey we're moving the vegas we're already alienating a huge segment of our fan base and john group because the the way that mark davis looks of this and i guarantee it reiter nation doesn't have a city raider nation is everywhere greater nation is all around you remember when i said let's be quite earlier we can enter jimmy garoppolo all around us or mark davis feels like that about raider nation okay and so what is uh when when you think about reiter nation there's a few figures that pop in your head when you close your eyes and even though he was only there for a couple of years john bruton's one of those faces because the raiders in ninety seven they had jeff george they worked arab will man i mean that that.

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