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Just start over with different hands? I want twice twice. No, what are we pussies? I want one. Okay. Wait, wait, so one for twice one for once, what do you want? Everybody's got to agree. Once I'll leave it up to you guys. I don't care. We're doing one. Come on, guys. I want just like an intense. I want to see it on Twitter. It means an eclipse. Yeah, I just want one Twitter clip where I walk away with three kids. It was more fun. This game is going to be over 35 minutes. What are a little short on camera? I was for me, I'm very weak, AC. Open? It's 9. Crush. Dominated. Only. All right. Please tell me a complete. I'm dead. Don't do it. Only protest would call it an 25. I like your hand. It's so fucking clubs. There are zero Allen Keating with this three and a half big wine stack. Maybe four bit wine sack. Not a whole lot of big wines. He has to go with it with the ace three of clubs. I think once Alexandria tanks a little bit and then calls, you would think she's going to have some hands like king Jack or, you know, ten 9 suited in a range, right? This is sliding to splash around that are close. So I think you have to get it in with the ace three clubs, or even though we see in this scenario island is not in great shape. The nice thing, though, about a suited ace, is that it's never in that bad of shape. So he gets it in over onto MrBeast. He was ready. He was primed. He just pops it in there with a queen 5 offsuit. I mean, sure, I guess, with three big blinds what can you do? Background Alexandra, she makes the call, and we are off to the races. Oh my God. A three. So everybody pairs butt beast. Everyone but me. What is everyone but me? That means you're 6 left for you kangly. Out in the hell can someone do that? I'll call it right now. This is a queen. I'm calling it right now. This is a queen. No queens. I will literally tip you $20,000. You better put a queen there in your best interest. Magic had $20,000 if you could put a queen on the river. 20 grand. Even magic can't do that. And botez again, are you kidding me? Female poker murder. Did you crack it just now? Jimmy, you realize how you took that? You told me I have like ten K Len. 50,000. Bro, where did my luck go? I've never been this. Bokeh is gonna break the game. I'm pretty sure she's at 600 KG. She didn't rebuy. 50,000 to 600,000. Of course. Besides her. I mean, what the fuck did she called $50,000 for the ace 9 offsuit? And I'm losing in this fucking game. What the fuck? I do. Shut up. What is happening? What is that? Well, at least at least we're getting steamrolled. At least I know, at least I know she'll do something. Sweet girl is bawling. She's gonna see the handle they fix the weight she happened. Okay, too soon. Stealing from them. I'm sorry. All right. Well, how much money do I have left? Like fucking 13 grand. What are we doing after this? Take off after 300 or something. And just like that, Alexander scoops up all the chips. Everyone's essentially celebrating with her, except for Phil helmet, he's sitting in the corner of her morning as bad luck. How could you call the 50,000 with the a sign offsuit? Well, to be fair. It was two big wines. That's weird for safe. If you enjoyed today's episode of weekly poker and do me a favor, click the like and subscribe buttons below. I would appreciate it. I realize I will never have 900 million subscribers like some of these people. But, you know, every little like and subscribe helps. I appreciate all of you being here. Thank you for being here. Thank you to let me in this game next time, and I can put 50,000 in with the ace 8 and get called by the a 9 two. Talk to you next time..

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