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Your father's throughout the and they shall dwell therein. Even they end their shielded and their sheila. Sheila forever and myself sewn shall be their prince forever. Okay is david prince. Now i don't think is he's he's David has seen corruption. He's in heaven. Now but i mean he's He's physically died and he's not come back. You know yet. So he's not there prince now is he. He's not on earth now and it says forever. Here david chubby that prince forever. So that's not the case at this moment that means that this verse has not been fulfilled. Yet right okay. And then it says here and moreover i will make a covenant peace with them it it should be an everlasting covenant with them and our place them i will place them and multiply and i was set my sanctuary the them forevermore now people will say that this is the new covenant this basically born again believers have the templar god in them the holy ghost given pentecost. So that's what they're talking about here they say and when they say israel they say they it's spiritual israel but the problem with all. This is that it says appear. They're talking about a mountain. The mountains of israel upon the and make them one nation in the land upon the mountain of israel. so it's not talking about the spiritual israel of born again believers with the holy ghost in them. It's not talking about that. This is talking about the temple and this is what people think is going to come down from heaven. They think it's a sequel temple that he's going to be built by god and come down from heaven and he's gonna come down to maybe roussel somewhere there and that's gonna be part of the supernatural event that that happens in the end times so this is something that hasn't happened yet. You know and david will be around as well. It seems because he's shall be their prince forever so he will.

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