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That's seven pm to ten pm. Est it's mark with you is the first supreme pontiff the church of the invisible hand. That's right to been upgraded to the secondary pope. Also the interim pope interim pope at the church of the invisible. Hand your kids now. What he said pope in an easy opening opening hard. So let's get right into the show. Prep i've got here. Turns out people care what some kooky octogenarian is going to do for the summer. Oh you don't talk about anthony fauci. Yeah so anthony. Fauci reveals which activities. He will and won't do now that he's vaccinated and indoor restaurants are still a now so he's not going to restaurants this summer even though he's vaccinated so i have this theory that eventually he will put on so many masks that we can't hear him anymore and that's when this will all be over so crazy so weird. We're just thinking about this article. I read it. I saw that he started his job that he has whatever the medical professional job as it has nineteen eighty-four will that make sense from not only is it a long time ago but it's also a very auspicious year. Yes not that. Nine hundred eighty four was really much different than nineteen thousand. Three hundred thousand nine hundred. Eighty five disagree. Wasn't there but the book that was an important book so for most of two thousand twenty. The little socializing anthony fauci did involve the neighbors right. Next door felt. She had lived in the same neighborhood. In northwest washington dc for more than forty years in the combination of his busy schedule and pandemic safety concerns can find social. Pardon me social life to a small radius and you can see why he pissy. Everybody seems to want to know what this guy's going to do. I haven't gotten a day off in a year and three months out. She told me recently when he told his wife and his wife did gather with neighbors. They took no chances household states socially distance now doors even in the fall and winter when whether gut chile. you imagine. It's ridiculous standing outside and it's good for your health to stand in the cold clearly. Yeah good idea killed. John's was it. Which which was the president that stick to the outside and talked in the cold. Rain and guy harrison william harrison. My favorite i really. I wish all presidents would follow his good example. Whenever we would get together we would do it outside freezing our butts off wearing a mask having dinner having a drink outside on my deck. He said isn't he now. Is people supposed to be fun like why even do at that. Point isn't drinking risky. I mean unless he's found a way to do it through the mask right. I mean he filter it right through the mask. Maybe the nose mask when he drinks. And now i can't help but think of the scene from space balls with the dark helmet slowly filtering. The coffee through the that little hole and his with the little trickle trickle trickle. Yeah so. I mean look. I'm not here to go after drinkers right now. But i mean alcohol is a poison right. It's called an intoxicant. And i'm not saying that. It's you humanities. Probably here in civilization because of alcohol and there's all kinds of things you can say that are good about it or whatever that's what you wanna do but if you're sitting outside and your deck with a mask on that you just lift to sip poison. Maybe the problem isn't the covid virus. I mean you know. It's a cohen any outside. Like the idea of people wearing masks outside is just baffled me. Well as long as you do this before ten o'clock i think it is. It's a very superstitious virus. It only attacks after dark and it only attacks Very politically unmotivated things. Yeah or with the wrong politics It's it's a very strange virus all well. I'm recovering from it. Right now and i can tell you. I got it indoors. You know. I mean as long as i'm having a black lives matter protest indoors. I'm safe from the from the virus. I suspect not whenever we get together we would. Let's see yeah then found she who was As served as director of the national institute for allergy and infectious diseases since nineteen four got vaccinated in a much photographed moment. He got his first moderna shot and december the twenty second in the months that followed others his age. Brackets followed suit being fully vaccinated. Found she said he's Said he had changed his behavior but only slightly. The big shift is that he and his neighbors have finally moved the party indoors. We feel very comfortable in the house with no masks and we have physical contact and things like that he said and but for now we still won't eat indoors at a restaurant or go to a movie theater now. I mean quick quick question so it mentions his first shot. Does that mean. He hasn't had the second one now. i'm sure he's at a second. I mean it was december. Twenty second he had gotten it again. I mean presumably but then give it to him because they don't want i don't know they want to show that they gave it to them. Who knows if he actually got it. But now i'm sure they. I'm sure he's gotten the shot i mean. It's i'm sure he's officially gotten a shot. I don't know that second one seems to be the one that causes the problems. The second one does seem to make some people Feel elvis died. How many are people are dying from it. I don't know do more people dying from cova than from that shot. I would suspect but you know either way. Get the shot if you wanna get the shot. Don't get the shock if you don't wanna get shot. I don't care. I don't think i would Even if i suggesting that people get to choose what goes into their body. That's what i'm suggesting. Clearly you're a fascist fell. She says i don't think i would. Even if i'm vaccinated go into an indoor crowded place where people are not wearing masks. So i guess he's scared as any if not more. You've got the vaccine. It's we're you know pretty much depth. Serve have now creeped back below normal levels and people are like. I'm not going anywhere where i've got a knocking. People aren't gonna be wearing masks. I'm beginning to suspect that this men's never been to school. So the idea of a vaccine is that now you don't get the thing you got vaccinated for. That's the idaho. If someone's not wearing a mask it really doesn't matter to you because you can't get the thing that you got.

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