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A lot is known yet even though you're league has suspended him for seventy five games for this, to be a teammate in that locker. Room now the microphones in your face and we know not, all teammates are perfect and you but you know if he's your. Teammate you're in that locker room you have to somehow pull it together because it would have been very interesting advert Lander just blasted him now you. Create maybe more of a distraction that's that's a tough spot it's always easier for people to cast judgment when they're. Talking about the other right for the rest of. Major league baseball on their teams Will be able to look at this situation and cast judgment on the, Astros for, being hypocritical, while Astros fans and the people. Inside that team will scramble to. Try and rationalize this in their, minds it's the same process the cubs went through BUSTER kind of explain. The difference is they're all. Just chatting and, when the cubs acquired him back in two. Thousand and sixteen, he hadn't been suspended at that point by major league baseball. So some of the particulars, were a little bit different but I remember Sarah Spain was. Your co host on Spain and fits in, a big cubs fan was conflicted watching a. Ralph, this Chapman, be apart of helping that team. Win a World Series that year and so the fans inside that we'll try and justify it because it's in their. Backyard even though this is something that we're all against no one no one is ever. Going to sit here and somehow argue, that there pro domestic violence. But they'll argue that we don't know everything about the situation will argue all, the, particulars, because situation that. Is just it's something the sports world is. Not capable of handling you. Mentioned that we don't know the specifics by the way it's Golic and wingo on ESPN radio ESPN news Jason Fitz Mike Golic Michael junior The the risk is the biggest piece of this the risk in what it does to the locker room culture as part of it the risk in the fact that we don't know the details yet now as much as. The Astros can say. They've looked at it and, they've decided they're comfortable with it major league baseball looked. At it and decided they were comfortable with the seventy five game, suspension there's not a lot of in-between the justifies the seventy. Five game suspension in the minds of most we are. Going to get information and this is just the burden of where the trade deadline is versus the timing of the court hearing. We're going to get information as early as tomorrow so the fact that they're. Willing to accept the risk right now in public perception accept the risk that we're gonna. Find out that they've acquired somebody that frankly acts like a, monster these are all things that they've now brought in to their culture that they are, now going to have to deal with and in the process they've lost credibility so whatever he brings them on the on the field but every brings him on the mound. Whatever he brings them on the baseball diamond does not outweigh the risk of what it does to the franchise, but it's, amazing what, happens if He comes out in. His throwing smoke and starts doing a great job win Yep I mean that that, I it this has been in all sports all the time the better, you, are the longer leash. What was interesting to me when I asked foster about the report obviously baseball had to do some sort of investigation that the other teams team, actually has on. The team or is going to acquire him BUSTER made, it sound like they don't have access, to that report by major league baseball. I'm sure there's some privacy issues to all of that so teams would, have to do their own investigation Houston is claiming. That their due diligence was second to none and all of this and that they believe. That he was contrite for the things that he had been a part of even though publicly we have seen none of that we have seen none of that transparency. They've gone out of their way his agent in their camp to make sure. That, this is not seen as an admission of guilt and, I'm sure because it's still obviously I guess that's what I mean is the things that we're hearing in the things that we're.

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