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Is liberty Gareth. Leeann good morning. You sent South Korean president moon. Jae-in says a meeting between US President Donald Trump and his North Korean counterpart, Kim, Jon UN will happen soon. Bloomberg's Peter pay reports signaling stall talks about this manning North Korea's nuclear arsenal may be back on track. Lynch remarks during his annual press conference came hours after both Beijing and killing young said their leaders back the second Trump Kim summit in so Peter pay Bloomberg daybreak Europe, the Democratic Republic of Congo says opposition leader Felix teasha Keady won last month's presidential election. The result confounds expectations are former president Joseph Kabila's protege would become leader of the world's biggest cobalt producer. If the constitutional court validates the result. It'll be the first transfer of power by ballot-box since Congo gained independence from Belgium. That was Nettie sixty years ago. Japanese Prime minister, they won't pay. Is in the UK today for extensive talks with Prime Minister, Theresa may. Bloomberg's Isabel Reynolds says Brexit is likely to be high on the agenda is likely to support May's Brexit plan, according to a foreign ministry official given that a no deal exit from the EU could be extremely damaging for the approximately one thousand Japanese companies in the U K in a tiny gesture of support for the UK Japan announced this week it would lift its twenty three year old ban on British beef imports in Tokyo Isabel Reynolds, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. And finally Sweden's two main prime minister candidates will report to the speaker of parliament today about the latest attempts to form governments this September's inconclusive election results. Bloomberg's nNcholas Magnusson reports the stakes are high if social democratic leader Steph, Elaine and motorist leader, Sean failed to create cabinets and failed to win sufficient backing for them in votes to Belden parliament this month, an extra election must be held later this year in Stockholm nature's modernism Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Global news twenty four hours a day on Aaron tick tock on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts symbol, the one hundred twenty countries. I'm Dan guarantee. This is Bloomberg Marcus. Very much Leon. Here's a look at some of the things they should be watching out for today. An advisor to the east top court gives a non-binding opinion or the so-called right to be forgotten. As you heard earlier, the will publishing the will be publishing its account over the December meeting when halted its two point six trillion euro bond buying program but accounts released at twelve thirty pm UK time, then later watch out then four fed chairman drone, Powell's speech to the economic club of Washington DC. All right. So it's like I on the show. We're going to be looking at Tesco's Christmas revenue.

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