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I'll be honest, I had a flashback from fried. I'm with you there. It's like, I don't know why this world star. I don't know. But I was like, ooh. From. Going to be a baby get. So to have them the league that's going to even if action. Yeah, did tariff all tariff all down at the Michelle data in the leg and locking all the two girls tear. Absolutely, so. Yeah. Jocelyn falls noble noble. In what she falls to the ground of Michelle. And of course, finishes the deal and kills Mitch. Just to you today. Black on black crime so much for a reconciliation, you know, conflict resolution Z pot. That's what happened man start trying to take kids. So then she stabs her to death. Yeah. Acting. The trailer. And shown basically is the face. She's like to the rest of the kids like look now. Yeah. I need to stay out of ground, folks. Business on the killed your mama. Yes. He told young come back. I'll be safe stabbed almost in my stomach on pregnant, and you need to go read a book right outta kill my best friend kids is like where you're gonna to get some us to. You can come back out, exactly. We'll take care of you know. Over children the rest of you with me. So I guess he next up because he owed enough. By the way, he immediately got trip when he did this. But Josh would kill all the key is no baby resource. People are resource. Okay. Yeah. I don't even understand why he wanted to kill out of kids like what they do that may have been her playing 'cause she didn't know who was gonna come. Remember? She said I'm sorry had to be used. So she figured out. Somebody would product comforters jewelry. I'll tell you what she said. I'm sorry. I had to be UC, man. I'm sorry. I didn't know it was gonna be you that I stole these kids from and I'm sorry. It was you. But I I still kids. That's what I do baby. So then. I guess he feel like is unlimited kids. I hear he might not know. I don't I don't know. But so she ends up killing all them kids, and we'll get a cool montage of her in the past in the present killings. Armies were hurt in the past killing the kids. So they can so they don't actually show her really like killing the kids always cut away to show like her killing zombie. But it's right where to slice to kill the kid and the internet's a loss day. My listen she killed fuck out kids, though, they give trying to migrant folks business. State out of this. That's what good parenthood with teach. Okay. Go stand in the corner..

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