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Com slash Deltek. W t o p News time 6 48 traffic and weather on the H two Jack Taylor in the W T o P Traffic Center. Looking good. Early in Virginia Running 66 out of Gainesville East headed all the way to Roslyn without delay. 95 coming north found out of dumb Freeze. We may have a little bit of Ah, maybe a truck or something. Stopped on the shoulder. Potentially. Hopefully that is up near Dale City. We'd heard word earlier. If that possibly in the roadway kind of limping off the road to the shoulder. We hope that made it. Rest the right into Springfield. You're looking good. 3 90 five's fine all the way from the Beltway up toward the 14th Street Bridge. Nice, quiet ride early in Maryland, out of Frederick to 70 south heading toward the lane Divide Good to go between the Beltway's on 95 in the B W Parkway, also in good shape on 50 between the Bay Bridge, headed through Annapolis and Billy toward the Beltway, an inside the Beltway toward North East. Always quiet there. Prince George's County. No issues between the Wilson Bridge in College Park looking good out of southern Maryland, even north bound on Route four. Pretty quiet downtown freeways good to go between the 14th and the 11th Third Street Tunnel is looking Good New York Avenue. No early issues riding through Northeast heading toward the tunnel itself, and you're in good shape on I 2 95 north at a box and Cove or south on D. C to 95 leaving Eastern Avenue. Everybody converging there at the 11th the reminder There's no V R E service today and tomorrow a regular s schedule, which is minus trains, 303 upset. Been running now between Christmas and New Year's December 28 to the 31st the S schedule plus Fredericksburg line trains 303 or seven will resume on Monday. January 4th Jack Taylor. W T o P. Traffic a wet, not a white Christmas. Let's check in now live with storm team for meteorologist Matt Ritter. That's true, Christopher. We've got some showers moving through the area right now, Things are gonna be pretty light this morning with temperatures in the low to mid forties..

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