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Great fight. That made event a fucking tasty one ally Quinta response aronie, I don't know where to go on. This woman thrown fifty five. You know, he spent most of his career better seventy some guys, you know, some guys mean during till a lot bigger than him a tough fight man als writing this fuck in just the wave that he's on right now. I don't like this fight for Surani. I do not ensure what he's my boy fucking guys know this. That's a great fucking fight though. Love the fight rest card decent. Not not great. For the main event ally. Quinto also, what's I assume how's the favorite area, minus one forty? All right, joy, the fights, man. Good luck. Figuring out if you can some shit doesn't work for me. And then the best of the weekend is by far too Nilo verse Danny Jacobs. It's design has their hiccups too. But if you don't Danny Jacobs is he's guy came back from surgery. I'm sorry came back from cancer and went to a split decision. I think split decision, but he lost to triple g I had actually beating triple, gee. This is not an easy fuck in. Fight for canal stops fighting a long time was a long time. Besides triple g, but this is not going to be an easy fight would not be surprised in any facet. If Danny Jacobs gets robbed by the judges via decision. He great footwork tough to hit. Go back much fight against g he's a fucking problem. And he's a real big problem. So I I would imagine Cannella wins via decision. But I like I said I would not be surprised Danny Jacobs. Gets robbed fun fight though. Great fight. Enjoy the fights Danny Jacobs. Canelo. They got ally. Quinta the raging Cajun I don's aronie. There you go, man. So that it fan questions. I did what he got Dogwood. He got. All right. First ones from Kenny Blaney who do you think is next? For hermansson. And does this shock right back from a title shot? Now. Into set them back. Yeah. Bro. That's a pretty obvious. But yeah, what do you think is next for Hermansson? How long is our boy Pollock cost out for he's done already. I served his it's retro. I'm at that. What about Kris wideman going on with Chris is going to light heavyweight? There's some fun matchups for hermits men. Some really good ones jeered calendars. No punk either. I'd watch that some really good fight for him brunson's. No bitch. Like, this one's for men. Middleweight stacked. He's gonna have a tough road to me tough to get to that fucking belt. What does she get? All right aide, AWACs underscored to five three. Hey, bro. Opinions and thoughts on outdoor events everything. That'll happen outdoor events. Oh, see they're fighting in DeVine's timber. Could be the fighting in divide in September. Usually when they find by Tobias outside at night they've done that before. Yeah. Mark Muna's fought Damian my out there at night Inocencio of fought Damian my out there awful fight. But it was that night outside. So could be might be fucking fighting. Our boy doesn't Pori out outside Tam Dhabi. What would you say though, carry on wouldn't expect there would that affect you at all as a fighter being outdoors versus indoors? Would you you know, fucking box in just had one our boy. What's his name Garcia? Danny Garcia fought outside is weird. 'cause around like seven o'clock in LA on the suds go down the kind of in their eyes. So it looks awkward into by straight night, though. It'd be kinda cool the fresh air that you actually be weird though. Interesting. Mark de Knowles. Do you think that displaying the judges scorecards between rounds would be beneficial to the fighters on a percent, but we'll never happen..

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