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I'm just waiting for the day that I'm going to go into inflec- shock because I'm like whoops hoops. The crazy thing for me. So from Kelley again. No, you guys are hilarious. This is great. Oh perfect. I had the point about the time. I moved to Boise. I was starting to have allergic reactions at all ready had at least one e trip by the time, I moved here. Now, we're talking about illness. Allergic stuff. I know. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I Yeah. found is after I went to an allergist to actually find out. What's going on? Right. It's oral allergy syndrome. I had started thinking before that that I was allergic to all pesticides or preservatives, or any wasn't quite sure. What I know. It's just my immune system confuses certain fruits Mullins interesting. And if during peak allergy season, you just fruits everything is fine. Maybe that's it. I don't know. Maybe because it it seems that will I it started with almond extract. I can't have any pure almond extract that hasn't been cooked. And then it was these like, can you might be allergic to almonds that is actually eat almonds and almonds fine. That's the almond extract. It's a weird oral allergy syndrome. It could actually I'm thinking maybe that might be it because then the next time it was like these Thanh chips that had like this this. This was Sabi coating on it. And then it got worse if you can deep fry want Puerto frito so over him and. Oh talion. Nachos. Yes. Okay. But do you know, it's two o'clock dozen. It's two o'clock. We are actually five minutes from the hour because we went four minutes over last night. We've got our actual our our content upper sued skit split in came. Okay. So we're running the lights red in the light. We got to wrap it up though, we got four minutes throughout. What questions do you have for me? And Erin listeners. There are we really? Our peak concurrent is seven people, and our total view time right now is five we're done. No. Doesn't know. Jason. Let's plug you plug you right now. What where are you going to be? What's happening? What's going on with your life? What's going on with my life is I have two or three weeks left in school? Yeah. Yeah. I'll be done for the summer, and I have a week off before after sir fulltime biophysics membrane research, which sounds actually fascinating research. I am excited about I'm doing a couple of projects this summer. I'm going to be working on creating a membrane synthetic membrane out of a loyal water interface using a droplet immersed in an organic solvent to where lipids and former natural mono layer around the water and then at the bottom of the chamber. There's like a flat planer membrane to and then we can actually likes motion together and create a Beyeler between the two and then that to do studies on trans membrane voltages. So that will be exciting. I'm looking forward to that and improves on previous techniques because it used to just be a hydrogel. But now we can do a quick solution. Which means we can change the buffers and electrolytes and increase the size and the surface area of the violator. So it's it's really opening up possibilities for experiments. Awesome. That I'm also looking at life is owns and creating wipe zones. That can carry chemotherapy drugs through the bloodstream and re learning how to target them to only break at tumor sites as the concentration gradient goes down as it goes away from the site. It goes to non-deadly levels, which means it has a potential application down the road of targeted chemotherapy instead of global which would improve quality of life for cancer patients share. Okay. That's awesome. Nice. That is pretty amazing. See some not just pretty deal..

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