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The Facebook groups where we kind of share our canoes. I feel really bad for them. So keep them in your thoughts. That's not a fun situation at all. Man, I just hate to see that kind of stuff. I interviewed a few of the Gilliland drivers back in Vegas, not arc of course, but yeah, so now that with what happened, obviously the car sustained quite a bit of damage in the holler, the haulers burned and really badly damaged as well. And the race is on Friday. So that's the question mark now. Does Taylor gray compete in this race? Do they have a way of getting a car there? And all that stuff. So that's all still being cycled through. They're trying to figure that out. But as it stands right now, it's not looking good. For DGR racing to run that race. But I think that's the secondary thought at this point is they're grieving the loss of one of their own. I talked to him, actually, he was one of my interviews. Taylor gray? Yeah. Taylor or Tanner, Tanner. Oh, they have two grays. Really? Yeah, this is his brother. Oh, okay, I talked to Tanner, who, I don't know, Taylor's history, but he was a straight liner. Yeah, he was a drag racer. Yeah. See, I get stuff out of my interview that I didn't know. Yeah. I mean, you didn't know your brother, but that's good. Yeah, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. So yeah, yeah, unfortunately, very, very, very sad way to kind of go through the week here. We also do have some kind of more uplifting news teams racing. Which have done some IndyCar racing over the years, NASCAR Euro and stuff like that. They're going to be moving to the Cup Series for 8 races in 2022. With tarso mark is the former F one driver as their driver. So they'll be running Cup Series races. Okay. What's wrong? Interesting. Nothing's wrong. And so this is the thing that's a name that most of us haven't heard in racing since the late 90s. So you've got Jacques Villeneuve and now Marquez as well. Is this the new car that's bringing this out? I think a lot of it is because the car is built to run really well on road courses, which a lot of the NASCAR Euro teams have that luxury as well. Their car is built with rogue courses in mind. A lot of them are road course focused drivers. And you've had some former Formula One drivers who've been over there playing around for the last couple of years and so they have a pretty good knowledge of how these stock cars wheel around road courses. And so that's why they kind of wanted to give it a try. I know villain who wants to run more if they can get it to get the sponsorship to make it happen. But as far as this goes, team stage is definitely looking like they're going to be running some cup races. And they don't need to get pre approval from NASCAR because they've been running in Europe in that series, right? Well, so that's the thing. As far as team hesberg goes, they were trying to run Laura's husbands, who was their championship driver two time champion in the NASCAR Euro series. He wasn't approved for Daytona, was improved for any races this year in the Cup Series, but they had run him at some test sessions guys approval and I believe he'll be making his debut sometime the next few weeks, so he will be making a Cup Series debut. That's kind of where it kind of throws things in for villano who doesn't know what the future holds for him. But he'd like to run some more cup races as well if they can if they can make that happen. Wow. Interesting. Did you see, well, of course you saw it's your website. Joe Gibbs Racing explains how parts car was rebuilt in time to race Sunday at the Las Vegas. I mean, that thing was just, you know, you walk into your local auto parts store, maybe a little better than it was literally a shell everywhere thing in it. And so the cool thing is, is Joe Gibbs Racing has this new feature called overtime. Where after the race weekend, they kind of break down stuff. They have a member of the team kind of talk about some of the stuff they went through. And this week was really interesting. Because they have Matt faulkner with the team. Can I go over the whole backup car process in the next gen era? Because we're so used to teams having a backup car that's ready to roll. It's the same exact car. Pretty much they just stuff on the wall. Now I can come out there 5 minutes later and it's ready to roll. The case is not that way for the next gen car. So while that looked like a parts car, it's pretty close to what everybody else is backup cars are going to look like as well. Because they're not allowed to put backup engines in the backup car as they're transporting them. They have to buy it from the engine manufacturers at the track to install if they want to change motors. Wow. So they're now allowed for cost saving measures. NASCAR doesn't want teams just having 45 motors sitting around all weekend. They want one engine..

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