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A quiet and tranquil weather trend continues overnight throughout the day on Sunday. I think we will have mostly clear skies overnight except for areas where we develop some low, lying, clouds and fog, I think that will especially happen. Of course in the fog pro neighborhoods, and along the south sound that clears quickly on Sunday giving way to lots of sunshine into your Sunday. High temperatures making into the low to mid fifties. This is above average for this time of year. Enjoy I'm meteorologist Abby Coney in the KOMO weather center. Anyway. Only. Winter is wonderful watching weather in Washington, state parks. It's also great for watching storms at the ocean. And it's also a good time for another activity. Also, a great time for birding road trip. There's lots of activity out there in apparently, quiet parks bird activity that is Virginia painter of state parks and recreation has a road trip in mind along the northern inner Olympic peninsula. You'll be going to fort Flagler state park on Merrill, stone island for historic park up near port Townsend and swim bay state park. And and when you visit these parks, you're gonna see black bellied plovers cormorants grebes and all kinds of birds while you're there drop in at the port Townsend marine center located right in the park and after that head along the highway west to visit the Dungeness river Audubon center, and then visit the park itself, you know, see Arctic terns stopping to feed on their migratory. Route to see lots of Dexter northern Shovellers. Regions and golden plovers..

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