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We also get the take of the busted open nation, and how about this the winner of the main event from great American Bash night number two. That's right, champion versus champion now you're North American champion and your annex. T heavyweight champion Keith. Lee joins US right now on the bus. It Open podcast. I think though when you look at what took place last night and what took place last week? Fighter Fast Great, American bash now it's all said and done. I think it's a win for both companies and I think it's a win for the fans because I think over the last two weeks, we got some really good professional wrestling bully. We got some exciting stuff. We got some stuff that had some good storytelling to it. We got some car crash. Stuff and Dave like we've been speaking about over. Over the past couple of weeks coming on the show during this you know during the corona era of pro wrestling, trying to extract all the good and all the positive. I wrote down a lot of stuff from last night, and there's some stuff that's questionable that I wanna get into you with you and the nation, but what I'd love to do is I always love hearing from wrestling fans about what they thought. We could sit here. Mean you and go back and forth about what we liked didn't like. I, honestly want to hear from them. We should do like our own little busted open ratings for the day. What do you think yeah? I like the idea. Eight, seven, seven, three, four, four, four, eight, nine, three, eight, seven, seven, five, ninety three boy I. Think you know you and I especially on Thursday mornings were like all right. Who won the night? Who had the better show I think? Think. You know we're going to give our opinions, but yeah, we really want to get the opinion from the bus. It open nation, so we have gabby and Andrei who are are in the house today for busted, open Gabby our producer Andrea AP, so I'm GonNa ask Andrea AP to kind of open up tally and I kind of want to hear from the busted open nation like which show. I think maybe even bully two questions for the nation. Who Do you think one last night and overall with fighter fest in great American Bash which event do you think one overall because I think more than ever bully that the ratings are meaning more and more especially right now, especially, since annexed is starting to get a taste of winning this ratings race, because for a long time for months it was a w and exte- was left in the dust. It's kind of taken a reversal of fortune here, but I wanna hear from our fans. I want to hear from the nation. Who Do you think one last night? And then with both of events? Who Do you think one overall? We talk about the ratings that will be coming out later today around four or five o'clock over the past couple of weeks. The ratings have been very interesting. To things went on with w last night. That told me that you know they were concerned with the ratings. Actually, there was one thing because I know the show was taped, but you can tell that they have a concern for this rating and annexed t pulling ahead. Did you notice anything different and it might not have necessarily been about the show. Did you notice anything different now? That thing really caught my mind. Lot of social media action last night from the W. Fan base I'm sorry. The eighty w locker room on social media during the events interest Tony. Kahn Cody Rhodes before the event. Lot of people constantly reminding fans that we're on, we're on now. Here's what's coming up next all great ideas because you always want to keep people engaged because people forget you know, but but they're. They're using their social media platforms to drive people to TNT. I haven't seen as much of that in. The past couple of months sore a lot of it last week, and you can't tell me that. Both of these companies are not concerned about the competition or not concerned about the ratings. Hell Hunter went on record about a week ago. To say that this is good competition, and I'll always go back to Jericho. Said when he came on the show with us about. About a year ago, he said it's not a war yet. It is a war. It really is because these two companies are vying for the other companies wrestling fan and doing whatever they have to do I mean look at both shows last night. Dave, especially a e W. They threw a lot of stuff up against the wall. Yeah, they really did and this is. is where a e w has the advantage when it comes to annex, T listen Monday nights. There is no competition. Friday nights for smackdown. There is no competition. You have competition with an X. T with a W, but a lot of things, and this is something we're GonNa get into as well today. Bully is that there always is the fear of who watching on. On a Wednesday night on annex. T might not be there the next week. You know because there is that main roster push of raw and smackdown case in point is the main event last night and we're going to talk to the winner, which is Keith way? He's going to be joining us at ten am eastern time, but now there's a lot of speculation. Is Adam Cole now moving to Roy or smackdown Awa doesn't have that problem there. Show is the show that you watch on Wednesdays. Their roster is the roster. You're going to see each and every Wednesday night. When it comes to annex T, there's a lot of moving parts now. There's the negative aspect where hey, a wrestler that you're watching. Today might not be there tomorrow, but as we saw last week with Sasha Banks, you could pluck somebody from that main roster. Put them on an xt and pop rating like they did last week. You know you just brought up Adam, Cole Baby. And just watching him last night. He's so damned good at what he does I. I love all of the in between stuff that he does I. Love His selling love. His registering I love his facials. I love it when Keith Lee hit the power bomb on him, and he grabbed the rope with one finger. Just little things might concern for Adam. Cole would be if he did move up to the main roster and Vince didn't see him and I and I'm talking about his size because we know how Vince feels about smaller guys at times. Yes, some smaller guys have been very successful under ventas is, but the majority is smaller guys just. Just fall by the wayside. I mean I think even when Gargano and CIAMPA. What were up there for a cup of coffee? They weren't really doing everything that they were doing down in annex. T I could be wrong, but my my my memory tells me they weren't you know if you if you remember that was right in the middle of their feud. Gargano and Champa, and then when they went to the main roster, put them together as a tag team. There you go without with which really didn't make any sense. And then they brought them back the next day, and they went back to their feud again. On like I think Adam, Cole could be. The Guy will be successful. No matter where he wrestles in the world, but on raw or smackdown he could get lost in the shuffle, maybe less on smackdown than on raw because sometimes. and. Listen anybody who's brutally honest and the wrestling business will admit this. Vents likes bigger guys always has. THAN IF YOU'RE A smaller guy you have to have this. You have to have that certain something special to catch his eye to make him more push you. We know that Adam Cole is a great wrestler. We know he can cut a hell of a promo. Is that going to be that something different? That's GONNA catch is I. I don't know I think as long as. Adam Cole is an Annex T. The sky's the limit, but I don't know I think in Annex T. There's a.

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