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It's like understand like this was like Bill Buckley firing line. Do you expect this guy who's a nice guy? But the he's a nerd to go up against these professionally polished politicians who were gone, they just go for blood like we live in the as of rather be morally correct than factually. Right. So he can come with the best plan. He could be the most qualified person there. But you're not going to go ahead and fight these people that know that all. That matters is the court of public opinion. So you're not gonna see him. That's why you know, like you add like Chelsea Manning up there like how how funny would it be the LGBTQ XYZ to you've community just completely divide itself because it's like saying, oh Chelsea can't win. Therefore, we have to go with someone else. And they have someone who's a Chelsea's for like, oh, you're big at. You're not supporting one of us like I see this happening. Like, you know, the the Republican primaries were contentious like I I remember that so yellow tech when I think about that because it was bad. But like this is it's it's not even like to a full month in the twenty nine scene, and they're already pulling out like the night of long knives. And I want to give a little bit. But this is one thing that also kind of bugged me, and like I I really has nothing to do with the libertarian presidential candidate. But it's more to do just with like this, anti Trump derangement syndrome. Bill weld was carted around liberty con like a corpse. It was so fricking uncomfortable because people would see him and like no one was really excited to see Bill. Well, it's more like, bro. Why are you here? Like, we know you want something because there's no reason why old politician who his own party is really am biven towards goes around says many state and national conventions as you did the last year to have. And now, you're here trying to get people to remember that you exist. So it was just like really frigging awkward, but the part that really the part that just showed me that some people just have no grasp on row is on a on Friday night. I guess just in the mosh was. Questioned about you know, the impact libertarian candidate would have on the race. And he was like, you know, the libertarian party shouldn't, you know, be be a halfway house for squishy Republicans. It should be for full bore libertarian. So Matt Welsh from reason magazine when it had through Masha statement to weld and most people in the audience, maybe maybe a Mancha's calling. Well, the squishy pseudo Republican was like, yeah, I'm the full bore total hundred percent libertarian. I just smacked my face on my brow. What are you really want? Like trying to stir up some trouble. I don't. It was so weird, man. He's talking. He's he's talking about how much he loves Mueller. He saw about how he was on the Watergate commission. That's like man, we all want. Nobody wants anyone that was old enough to be a serving member of the Watergate commission, actually think these are things that libertarians are going to say, oh, well, that's great. Oh, good. But they didn't twenty sixteen how many Bill weld apologised off top of your head. Many to be honest with you, but I run in different circles than it's like they're there, and it's just weird than Slyke. I totally okay. So I I it's funny. When people are like, oh, the libertarian party has been hijacked by Democrats, bro. If you think they'll libertarian party can be hijacked by anything. You don't fricken know what the hell you're talking about. Because barely gets it self sometimes like now, they're acting like a dull tes, they have a full-time person. Just mir's. Awesome. Manning the day to day stuff and stuff stripping on stage. People are cleaning up national parks. And now they look fun like normal adults invite to a barbecue. Meanwhile, everyone else looks like they're shitting themselves because the orange man is bad..

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