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A very the only the only thing I can add that rant is that sets up once I say to people all the time okay that what did she say at the end there as a little Ted talk so you guys yeah yeah it was like kind of under his breath so he says the only thing I can add to that rant and now I'll hold up the front page of bostonherald for those that haven't seen it to and you're not seeing it as a holding it up but it's Charlie Baker in that moment pointing to I. ANA Presley and the headline is that rant and then the under had some bad line is gaffe tastic governor does it again because I on is M. L. KD's speech that rant we then as the day wore on you'll know first thing's first you'll note as Baker says that rant their laughter you can hear I think its walls it but you can hear walls and you can hear Presley laughing let's hear it again lighting just through that part because I think this is important if something isn't a phase offensive right in the moment generally you know what if if I'm sitting there and you sell that MFR okay well like I'm not laughing but as Baker says that rant you can hear the person he's speaking about laughing about it I'm sitting here thinking that the mayor made a smart strategic move.

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