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10 99 30 Wgt. It is the breadwinner will show you heard earlier today, Brett Jensen, stopping by talking about that new order edict that has gone out in Rock Hill, South Carolina in your county, and it is the order that you wear masks for the next two months as you go out there. Ah, lot of stuff is out there happening. In addition to the current Sort of unrest and disputes the political disputes that are going on in the United States. But let's take a deeper dive on an issue that took place in Louisville, though it's become a national issue, and I think it's got practical implications for cities. Throughout the country, including maybe at some point, Charlotte Rianna Taylor. You know that name? Unfortunately, because she lost her life at the hands of law enforcement, But this is not necessarily about the law enforcement component as much as it is about something. Much more. Well. Diabolical Perhaps. Briana Taylor's warrant. Connected to a Louisville gentrification plan, according to the lawyers. So here's how the story goes. Briana Taylor's shooting was the result of the Louisville Police Department operation to clear out a block. In western Louisville in Kentucky. That was part of a major gentrification makeover. This is, according to attorneys representing the slain 26 year olds family. Lawyers for Taylor's family alleged in court documents filed in Jefferson Circuit Court last this past Sunday yesterday that a police squad Named Place based investigations had deliberately misled narcotics detectives. To target a home on Elliot Avenue, leading them to believe that they were after some of the city's largest violent crime and drug rings. So you've got this this organizations investigative group called Place based investigations. That's who's been named in this The suit that they lied or misled the narcotics cops about what was going on because, remember, she died as a result of a no knock warrant, theoretically looking for narcotics. A complaint amends in earlier lawsuit by Taylor's mother against the three Louisville officers who fired their weapons into Taylor's home. They claim that Taylor was caught up in a case that was less about a drug house and Mohr about speeding up Louisville's multi $1,000,000 vision Russell Development plan. The execution of the search warrant, robbed Briana of her life and to make a Palmer of her daughter. That's according to Benjamin Crump was also the same lawyer representing Ray Shard Brooks in Atlanta. It's execution exhibited outrageous recklessness and willful, wanton, unprecedented and unlawful conduct. Spokesman. For Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, says those allegations are outrageous. Without foundation or supporting facts. It's insulting to the neighborhood members of the Vision, Russell Initiative and all the people involved in the years of work being done to revitalize those neighborhoods of West Louisville. It's sort of the typical sort of Denial you would expect right? Let's go a little deeper here. This very interesting. Louisville Metro Police did not respond to Courier Journal requests for comment. Accusations contained in lawsuits do not constitute evidence in a court of law and represent only one side of your sure fine. But here are some of the pieces that are in this conversation. The warrant's carried out in the narcotics investigation on March 13th were meant to target one of the quote primary roadblocks to the development, A man named JaMarcus Glover. Glover rented a home on Elliot Avenue in the Russell neighborhood, the filing alleges, placing it squarely in the area of the planned redevelopment. He happens to be an ex boyfriend of Taylor. With whom she maintained a passive friendship. In the affidavit seeking the No knock warrant for Taylor's Springfield Drive apartment, Detective Joshua Joshua Janes. Wrote that he had seen Glover leave Taylor's apartment in January with the USPS. So U S Postal Service package before driving to a known drug house. The detective wrote that he quote verified through a U. S. Postal inspector. That Glover was receiving packages a tailor's address. There's only one problem. The U. S. Postal inspector in Louisville. Told W P R D R B News that Louisville Metro p. D. Didn't use his office to verify Glover was receiving packages it is apart at her apartment. That a different agency asked in January to look into whether or not her home was receiving suspicious mail, But it was concluded that it was not receiving suspicious, But I don't know what is suspicious mail look like To Brett, winnable from Ayatollah Khamenei. Tehran contents may have shifted during shipping Jaynes is now on administrative reassignment until questions about how and why the search warrant was approved Our answer. This sounds just like the Flynn case who ordered the search who ordered the code Red on private Santiago. What? We don't know it was just a system failed. So it's that tenuous a connection to Glover that led the police to Taylor's apartment on March 13th. Brianna's home should never have had the police there in the first place. When the layers repealed back. The origin of Brianna's home being raided by the cops starts with a political need to clear out a street for a large real estate development. That's the contention from Briana Taylor's family's lawyers. Going to the Police department's organization Chart Place based investigation squad was created to address quote, systematically violent locations and help existing crime deterrence efforts. This is unreal. Court records show that Jane's sought five warrants on March 12th including one for Taylor's apartment, a suspected drug house, two vacant homes on Elliot Avenue in a suspected stash house on West Muhammed Ali Boulevard. Glover and a man named Adrian Walker roared, named on all five search warrants and were among the Knights primary targets. Glover was arrested on Elliot Avenue that night for trafficking and firearm offenses. Glover had faced drug charges before and was pending drugs and weapons charges against him at the time of the warrant. Jane's requested a warrant for the Elliot Avenue home on April 21st with Glover again listed as a target. Glover was arrested a second time April 22nd after the warrant was executed for additional drug trafficking charges. J. Jane's of the Lost the Louisville Metro P d P b. I Was who signed off on this. Could this have been sort of? Ah, Redevelopment thing. That needed to get sped up. And does she end up? Maybe losing her life because of an overly aggressive move to quote clean up the neighborhood. If that's the case, and it's about gentrification. Things were about to go very badly in Louisville. 704570 11 10 Unbreathable News Talk left at 9 90 Wgt Boomer von Cannon's got traffic. Hey, Thanks a lot, Brad. Pretty good God traffic right down, traffics in great shape on interstates Just one slow down. That's due to congestion on 85 South found near Mount Holly. Exit 26. But other than that, the.

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