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Leaned forward a little bit and i think that's really seriously the listeners well and first of all when i talked about the collapse of the national three system it doesn't mean the end of the world it doesn't mean we all live in case with you know canned goods or or whatever the international monetary system actually has collapse three times in the past one hundred years nineteen fourteen nineteen thirty nine nineteen seventyone all three times there were major shocks system but it wasn't the end of the world what it means is that big financial trading powers you know the united states germany and russia china they get together sit around the table kinda like britain would sell conference and they reform the system is okay the old system failed but is the new system going to be and that's what i try to readers as you can see the ferrier coming that's that's easy and let's think through what is the new system look like and what can you do today to preserve wealth and protect your portfolio under this new system and think of it as a pro games china russia the us germany fee other countries are going to sit down and play game of poker when you wanna polka game you want a big pile of chips right one this new game chips are going to be gold and this is china russia scrambling to buy they got very low you know 'cause they lose is in the cold war taiwa hunt girl from china and russia actually sold their goal to get hard currency to help fight the cold war they lost the cold war so they've been rebuilding their gold reserves ever since by the way the us has been very accommodating about that i keep asking my friends tell just me the military community why don't we stop china from getting all this gold it's like them what i wanted to build the military as far as i'm concerned rose not only money it's also financial weapon but this is the globalize mindset the post national mindset they actually want china to get the gold so because you can't have appropriate game if only one guy has all the chips sounded very good poker game so they want to spread the chips and that's why the china to this.

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